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Donal Mulligan writes..

I reached for a biscuit the other day and it started a debate about how you say its name. So, being a social scientist ‘n’ all, I did a quick survey and dolled up the results in an overwrought info-graphic! Seems there’s a clear winner, but also a lot of interesting side-info.

The survey is still up and running – people are more than welcome to lend me their opinions and I’ll update it anything major changes.

(H/T: Buzz O’Neill)


A machine created by physicist, copywriter, Jamie Hyneman-alike and Oreo creme filling hater David Neevel

It removes the despised puck of congealed ointment from the centre of the two biscuits in an unnecessarily complicated way.

The best kind of way.


Created by Simon Morgan & Paul Thacker on Guinness World Records Day, the massive treat measures a whopping 59cm long and 39cm wide and weighs 15.73kg. It took 11 and a half hours to make.

You can’t have it. It just sold on eBay for £410.

Meet The World’s Largest Custard Cream (Newslite)