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Last night.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2. and Aston Quay, Dublin 2

Unidentified gentlemen dressed as the Jamaican Bobsleigh team soak up the outrage.

Nothing we haven’t seen already better done at the Boyle St Patrick’s Day parade, in total fairness.


Group of men in Dublin cause outrage by wearing blackface (Joe.ie)

Pics via RPJ Opinion, jessica Ngozi Chichi McDonald


Ah here.

Fancy dress winners, including ‘Black Mumba’ (left).

Hillstreet nightclub, Mohill, Co Leitrim.

PaddyMac writes:

I know it’s Mohill but jaysus!!

Hillstreet nightclub (Facebook)



Further to the blackface make up currently on sale in the Halloween shop, Dundurm Town Centre.

A matching Afro.

Shawna writes:

Thought I might kick this (above) over to Broadsheet since I’ve had no response from Dundrum Town Centre nor Halloween HQ…

Saturday: Tonight Matthew…


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.55.01

AK writes:

Here’s the full selection of ‘blacking up’ paraphernalia in Halloween HQ in Liffey Valley.


Ah here.

Drogg writes:

Spotted this yesterday in the Halloween shop in Dundrum [Co Dublin]. So to go along with all the sexist over sexualised costumes they are also promoting a bit of racism with their blackface product…

1005636_10151779676581763_343279836_n-1998851_10151776100741763_825087927_nSavile and Blackface.

A twofer.

Is there ANYTHING they won’t do for the craic?

Ann writes:

Not sure if you are interested but the Wicklow Regatta [Until August 5] has some interesting choice of performers for the singing pubs in Wicklow Town and Rathnew this year….

Savile via Rathnew House

Blackface via Doyle’s


-2A poorly-applied blackface showband at another Regatta party (location unknown).

Thanks anon.