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MPC VFX shows how Sean Young’s Nexus 6 replicant Rachel in Blade Runner was recreated for Blade Runner 2049 using reference images from the then 58 year old actress, a younger performer and CGI effects.


The third and final prequel to Blade Runner: 2049 commissioned by director Denis Villeneuve.

Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 is an anime short by Shinchiro Watanabe and the first, chronologically, in the timeline that continues with Luke Scott’s Blade Runner 2036: Nexus Dawn and Blade Runner 2048: Nowhere To Run.

Watch the full film here.


The second of three prequels to Blade Runner 2049 by director Luke Scott (Ridley’s son) commissioned by Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve.

This one is set one year before the events of the upcoming film and focuses on Dave Bautista’s character, Snapper Morton.

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2036: Nexus Dawn – a short film by (Ridley’s son) Luke Scott – the first of three such sequel-prequels commissioned by Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve and set between the events of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. To wit:

This in-world short film takes place in the year 2036 and revolves around Jared Leto’s character, Niander Wallace. In this short, directed by Luke Scott (Morgan), Wallace introduces a new line of “perfected” replicants called the Nexus 9, seeking to get the prohibition on replicants repealed. This no doubt has serious ramifications that will be crucial to the plot of Blade Runner 2049.


A shot by shot comparison by ImDb comparing the trailers for the original Blade Runner (1982) with this year’s upcoming Blade Runner 2049.

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The opening 12 minutes of of Blade Runner animated using 3,285 aquarelle paintings and sound from the original movie. You Tubesmith Anders Ramsell hopes to complete the entire movie one day.

John Gallen sez:

Maybe I’m a SciFi geek but I like the idea behind this :)

PS – Saw Prometheus over the weekend. It was only OK, but nowhere near as bad as some of the reviews I’ve read…. that’s just an aside :)


A letter Philip K Dick wrote after watching Blade Runner, based on his novel ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’.


Having recently finished his Alien prequel Prometheus, director Ridley Scott is now planning a sequel to Blade Runner.

Whether you like that notion or not, the film won’t be along any time soon. In the meantime, there’s this: Xxit – a stunning Blade Runner fan-film made by the LA/Vancouver based Stargate Studios.

Watch the Xxit behind the scenes feature here.


[vimeo clip_id=”12828114″ height=”” width=”640″]

François Vautier’s mega HD (3.6 gigapixel) experimental film tribute to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner using, among other things, 167,819 frames from the original film.

A baffling technogasm of eye-candy filled with audio SFX and memorable quotes from Ford, Hauer et al.

Nth degree fan-art. Weird but good. Full screen encouraged.