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Ouch. Mind them swords.

Game Of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide To Westeros by illustrator Michael Komarck and designer Matthew Christian Reinhart.

Featuring stunning pop-up recreations of several key locations from the series, including the formidable castle of Winterfell, the lavish capital city King’s Landing, and the Wall’s stark majesty, this book takes readers into the world of the series like never before. Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros features five stunning spreads that fold out to create a remarkable pop-up map of Westeros, as well as numerous mini-pops that bring to life iconic elements of the show, such as direwolves, White Walkers, giants, and dragons.


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Winner of the 26th annual Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title Of The Year – an unexpurgated guide for men to every poop-related dating eventuality. To wit:

Not an instruction manual as the title might imply, this is a practical guide to confronting every possible problem or eventuality one may encounter when wooing. Inside you’ll learn exactly what to do (through explanatory text and useful diagrams) in a variety of practical, real-life situations, from feeling the call of nature as you walk in the woods with your paramour to what to do if you block her toilet with a monster mud-out.

How to Poo on a Date: The Lovers’ Guide to Toilet Etiquette (Mats & Enzo)


Kevin Whitty writes:

“Spotted this in a book in the library….the detail is ridic.”

UPDATE: Fair play in fairness to Biggkm in comments, who sez:

Traditional Mandarin speaker here. Fairly sure it means hostile environment. Although if you type in out in pinyin and put it through google translate it comes up as “Hostile Hairy eyes”. terrifying