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You may recall yesterday’s competition wherein we invited readers to submit wickedly inventive or otherwise entertaining definitions of words of their choice, egged on by the prospect of a free copy of The Devil’s Dictionary (1906) by Ambrose Bierce – a new version of which has just been released by the nice people at Roads Publishing.

You literally answered in your 47s.

The lucky Dr Johnsons are as follows.


Denizen: n. a person claiming citizenship of several countries simultaneously. (bisted)

Topaz (n) Gemstone once believed to have the power to shrink male genitalia (caroline)

TD: Former Irish educator who found they could neither do nor teach. (Mysteron)

Be grand: the idea that it will all turn out well at the end of the day; a sort of nervous, hopeful and yet cavalier attitude adopted by the Irish nation, often to their own detriment.eg. “Oh no Fintan your face is on fire! Shall I fetch a glass of water?”
“Will you get away out of that Gobnáit! I’ll just stick my head in this bucket of gick, be grand!” (meadowlark)

Arsessist (n): One who aggressively and relentlessly threatens litigation to defend a supposed reputation, recognised and revered by no-one but himself, making a complete arse of himself in the process. (Chucky R. Law)


Zylophone: n Incorrect spelling of Xylophone (Brian)

Thanks all.

Yesterday: Lucifer’s Lexicon

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Transformers: The Ultimate Pop Up Universe by pop-up papercrafter Matthew Reinhart and illustrator/toy designer Emiliano Santalucia. To wit:

Watch as the planet Cybertron changes into an epic battle on Earth. Then look out for the mighty Autobot Omega Supreme — Reinhart’s tallest pop-up ever — as he rises off the page to smash Decepticon foes. In this epic pop-up experience unlike any seen before, only you hold the power to make the Autobots and Decepticons turn from vehicles to robots, and back again.


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Of his adorable Kickstarter project, Wayne Kearns writes:

Family Time Fables is a series of illustrated children’s books that I initially created for my niece and nephews that cover three of the classic Irish tales: Cú Chulainn, The Salmon of Knowledge and Fionn and the Dragon. I recently produced a print run for family and friends and this campaign is to fund development of the ebook versions, the website and a larger print run of all of the books – if the campaign reaches its target then all paperback book rewards will be shipped on Monday 15th December in time to be given as Christmas gifts.