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Grab them!

Frank O’Dea, of the Balla Bán Gallery, writes:

Some paintings in appreciation of that much in demand item (a loaf of bread) these days by Irish artist, Conor Walton. We are out of stock at our gallery but I believe there could be one or two left at our friends over in Gormleys Art Gallery, South Frederick Street [Dublin 2]…

Baile Ban Gallery

Earlier: Dough!

This afternoon.

Joe Lynch with the ‘essentials’ (bread, milk, Tayto) in Crumlin village, Dublin.

Katie Mills writes:

How do you spot an Irish man in a blizzard?


Ah now.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.11.59

This afternoon.

On Entertainment.ie’s Facebook page.

It is running a live video to see which bread seagulls choose first.

Gluten-free bread (on the far left), brown bread (in the middle) and white bread (on the right).

It’s the new puddle.

Watch live here


Yesterday’s bread.

Today in Dublin.

Thanks Relegation


doddergulScreen Shot 2015-04-26 at 16.23.16


The Dodder [Dublin] this morning.

The brains of the whole gull operation.

Thanks Luke Brennan