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Possibly timed to coincide with last night’s season 2 premiere of Better Call Saul, this musical tribute to Breaking Bad by John D. ‘Melodysheep’ Boswell uses samples of the characters’ dialogue, with Jessie’s trademark wealth descriptor as the chorus.


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A supercut by Spanish film editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz. To wit:

In a interview for AMC, extraordinary cinematographer Michael Slovis, ASC, said: “The wide shots people refer to as Breaking Bad shots. Directors will say, “Let’s do the Breaking Bad wide shot,” which in television is not something that you very often see.” This video is a compilation of all them.


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Spanish video artist Jorge Luengo Ruiz compares scenes from Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad to show the extent to which Vince Gilligan’s drugs, crime ‘n’ ultraviolence saga was inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s.



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From top: Yesterday’s Irish Sun front page and an apology in today’s Scottish Sun

Padraic writes:

Irish Sun published it too and no apology in their paper as far as I can see.

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A series of styleframes created for a ‘fun’ pitch by designer Ryan McDougal that Vince Gilligan should get busy developing as an actual spinoff series right now.