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Nat writes:

What a banana.

Kate Hoey?

Yesterday: Saving Good Friday

The Irish Border visualised street by street via Google Streetview

How the border looks on Google Streetview.

A fascinating ribbon of rural back roads offering hope, sanctuary and unlicensed diesel.

Keith writes:

A while back you posted an animation we made which visualised the Irish Border from above, well here’s something else I put together which tries to visualise the border on the ground using StreetView at the crossing points.

View the border here

Previously: Land Of Constant Sorrow

Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney speaking at the launche ‘Getting Ireland Brexit Ready’ public information campaign at Government Buildings last month

Otis Blue writes:

Are you still trying to work out why the Good Friday Agreement matters in the Brexit negotiations? Read on…


Talking to colleagues across Europe, I now hear for the first time that there is actually suggestions being made that the Irish backstop issue should be postponed. I think that’s very dangerous for us and it’s something that we have to resist.

“But it was highly predictable. I think there is still solidarity from all the discussions I’ve had certainly from social democratic colleagues in relation to this matter but I’ve no doubt that that will become a focal point over the next number of days.

“So there has to be a very clear determination set out by the Irish Government that the backstop issue, and that is a permanent backstop – the whole idea of a backstop being a temporary measure is bizarre, even as a suggestion.

“And that that matter should be put to bed so there can be no discussions on any long-term arrangements with the United Kingdom until that matter is determined in accordance with the agreement that is set out by both the European Union and the UK authorities last December.”

This afternoon.

Labour leader Brendan Howlin speaking to journalists on the plinth at Leinster House.

Howlin: Europe is ‘considering’ postponing Brexit backstop (RTE)

DUP threat over Brexit backstop deal (BBC)

From top: Senator Neale Richmond; This morning’s ‘The National’

“If the Scottish people decide they want to be independent then of course we would welcome another small independent English speaking country into the European Union The strength of Europe is the strength of its diversity

It’s not just reliant on the strength of its two big economies of France and Germany, or indeed the UK, we look at small member states and what they bring.

Scotland is very similar to Ireland. You could argue that Ireland has been the most benign influence over the European Union in our 45 year history in it.

And from our point of view [another] small English speaking country with a dynamic workforce, which is very inclusive, very welcoming buys into what Europe is really about.”

It’s not just about trade, it’s not just about economics. It’s not about building walls. We as a member remaining in the EU have to think about what a future EU should be.

We have to make sure a future EU is warm, tolerant, open and welcoming. We don’t want walls going up, we don’t want fences and we don’t want the rhetoric of people like Victor Orban [the Hungarian prime minister] or Marine Le Pen [leader of the Front Nationale in France] – that is really retrograde.

As long as Scotland embraces the European mindset – as it is doing – Scotland would bring so much to Europe.

I believe a border poll would be a disaster, at the moment. One day sure I want to see a united Ireland but I’m not in a hurry for it and I’m not sure if the Republic can afford it economically. I think if we rush it through and did it in a bad way it would lead to civil disobedience.

Northern Irish politics at the moment is quite toxic. It’s not in a good place. I am very worried about [political stability there].

I am worried Brexit has thrown a very divisive wedge at the two communities. The vitriol between hard core loyalists and hard core republicans has increased.”

Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond, chairman of the senate Brexit Committee, speaking to Scotland’s ‘The National’ newspaper as he attended the Scottish National Party (SNP)  conference in Glasgow.

Irish senator Neale Richmond says an independent Scotland would be welcomed back into EU (The National)

This afternoon.

Brussels, Belgium.

Top, from left: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Michel Barnier, European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union and Phil Hogan (European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development) following a bilateral meeting on Brexit.

European Council President Donald Tusk said:

“…the task of the EU’s negotiator is to defend the interest of the EU as a whole and of all the 27 member states. We very much regret the UK has decided to leave, and we hope for the best relationship in the future.

“But no-one can expect that the EU will give up its fundamental values and key interests. Let me make this clear, the EU wants a relationship with the UK that is as close and special as possible.

Tusk says UK’s Soviet Union remarks ‘unwise’ and ‘insulting’ (RTÉ)

Yesterday: Put Some lead Into The Collective Pencil’


This afternoon.

The Brexit part of former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s speech at the Conservative Party conference.

Fight, etc.

Full speech here

DUP leader Arlene Foster

Alene Foster is prepared to reach a compromise on a Northern Ireland amnesty to prevent elderly veterans from being repeatedly investigated over deaths during the Troubles, The Telegraph understands.

In a significant breakthrough, sources in Belfast and Whitehall claim that the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and Gavin Williamson are now “on the same page” and are discussing proposals which they hope will be approved by the Attorney General.

The plans, which are yet to be signed off by Number 10, would bring about new protections for veterans, including safeguards for those who have been investigated – and cleared – from having to relive the process “over and over again”.

Arlene Foster prepared to compromise on Troubles amnesty for veterans, sources claim (Daily Telegraph)

Boris Johnson’s “positive” vision for Brexit has been praised by the DUP leader Arlene Foster as she said she would work with him if he became Prime Minister.

In a major boost for Mr Johnson’s leadership ambitions, Mrs Foster endorsed the “belief” and “spirit” contained in his blueprint for Brexit.

She criticised Theresa May’s Government, which needs the DUP’s votes to maintain its working majority, saying one of her biggest disappointments was the failure of ministers to “talk about the aspirations for the nation”.

We would work with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, says DUP leader, as she praises his ‘positive’ Brexit vision (Daily Telegrap – behind paywall)

Arlene Foster says Good Friday Agreement ‘not sacrosanct’ (RTÉ)



RTÉ Radio 1.

Liam writes:

The Business returned to RTÉ Radio 1 on Saturday morning and featured a piece by The Irish Border which you can watch above)…

The Irish Border

The Business