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Yesterday we gave YOU the opportunity to win one of three adult passes to any Odeon cinema nationwide, in celebration of cinema giant’s 4-for-3 Awards Season offer.

All you had to do was fill in the following sentence.

“…And the award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to_____________________________________[name of movie, actor/actress, etc]’

*tears open envelope*

Liam Deliverance: “The award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to My Fair Lady which robbed Dr. Strangelove (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) for the best picture Oscar in 1965. The former was directed by George Cukor and was the tale of “Eliza Doolittle”, played by Audrey Hepburn, an over long yarn (almost 3 hours) about a cockney flower seller who was taught to talk proper like in a rags to riches borefest. Dr Strangelove, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was a satirical look at nuclear conflict between the US and Russia during the cold war era. It is a film that is very funny despite the seriousness of the subject matter, it lives long in the memory and is a classic that should be watched by all.”

Clampers Outside: “The award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to Forrest Gumps 1994 ‘Best Picture’ win…. beating both Pulp Fiction AND The Shawshank Redemption…. a travesty, in fairness…. but life’s like that, like a box of chocolates.”

Ben: “The award for the least deserving Academy Award goes to…Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009). I’ve nothing against the film. It’s the kind of movie you would happily sit through on TV on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but it – or its cast – are about as deserving of an Oscar as Coronation Street.”

Thanks all

Odeon Cinemas

Yesterday: The Envelope, Please


Would you like to see freshly nominated movies?


Read on.

Christina Torsney writes:

Film fans can see the hottest picks for this year’s Awards Season for less at ODEON Cinemas – with film fans that watch three movies getting to see a fourth for free!

From January 1st until March 31st 2017, guests can pick up an Awards Ticket Wallet in ODEON lobbies, and collect tickets from showings of any of the top 17 Awards Season films showing at ODEON:

A Monster Calls (released January 1st)
Silence (released January 1st)
La La Land (released January 13th)
Manchester By Sea (released January 13th)
Lion (released January 20th)
Jackie (released January 20th)
Hacksaw Ridge (released January 27th)
Loving (released February 3rd)
Gold (released February 3rd)
Toni Erdmann (released February 3rd)
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (released February 10th)
20th Century Women (released February 10th)
Hidden Figures (released February 17th)
The Founder (released February 17)
Fences (released February 17th)
Moonlight (released February 17th)
Miss Sloane (released February 24th)

Tickets for screenings can be purchased online – with no booking fees – via the ODEON website [at link below]

We have three pairs of adult passes to any ODEON cinema to give away to THREE Broadsheet readers

To enter, please complete this sentence:

“…And the award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to_____________________________________[name of movie, actor/actress, etc]’

Lines MUST close at 2.45pm 4.15pm

ODEON cinemas


Yesterday we asked you why your pet deserves a portrait from PawsPawsPawsPawsPrints.

You entered (ooer) your cats dogs and whatnot in their dozens.

But there really could be one winner.

Artist Jane Fogarty has selected Dee Cunniffe’s entry on behalf of his cat Mimi

I very badly need a portrait of my pet cat Mimi of 10 years owing to having to get her put down two weeks ago and collecting her ashes today! And having 3 very sad kids who grew up with her


Jane writes:

“3 heartbroken kids should have a nice memento I think.”.


Thanks all,


Yesterday: I WILL Paint Your Pet






Jane Fogarty of PawPawPawPawPrints writes:

I’m not sure if you’ll remember me but I was in touch last year (around Sept). I had just started my pet portrait business and you ran a competition on Broadsheet. A lovely girl named Clare won a portrait of her dog Buddy.

Since then I have decided to leave my part time job and make try to make a success of Pawpawpawpawprints. I feel that a lot of the success and confidence in the idea came down to that promotion.The response was wonderful, it really helped to spread the word. Thank you.

I was wondering if you would like to run another competition for a free framed portrait for one of your readers? I think we could all do with a bit of cheering up this week.

To enter just complete this sentence:

‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet_________________owing to________________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm MIDNIGHT


Last Year: I Will Paint Your Pet

Buddy Buddy


Last week’s Golden Discs voucher giveaway was a disaster.

The winning song should have ran last Sunday, Father’s Day.

Bodger slipped up massively. He is very sorry.

The winner of the €25 Golden Discs voucher in last week’s competition is Stephen F, who penned for his dad the following.

For Fathering Sunday, please give the Golden Discs voucher to my father Robin and play him ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ by Procol Harum while you’re at it. It is his favourite song from the 60’s and remind our family of trips to France on the ferry from Rosslare when we were young, listening to ‘Our Generation’, on a 4 tape 60’s compilation my parents bought over the phone long before online record shops were even a thing, as we travelled further south through France…

Bubblin’ under:

Bertie Blenkinsop: “For Father’s Day please play “My Old Man” by Ian Dury & The Blockheads as it’s a gorgeous, heartwarming tune that says the things you wouldn’t have the nerve to say to your Da.”

Starina: “For Fathering Sunday, please give the Golden Discs voucher to my father John and play him Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues‘ cos when we were driving through Folsom a couple years ago he wouldn’t let me play the song in the car because ‘I won’t have country and western in my truck!’.”

Me Myself I: “For Fathering Sunday, please give the Golden Discs voucher to my father Tom and play him ‘Madonna – Papa Don’t Preach’ while you’re at it because I’m male and gay so it would confuse the hell out of him (the keeping the baby part, not the being gay and playing a Madonna song, that’s fairly standard!)”

Thanks all

Golden Discs

Previously: Dad Rocks



Sinéad  writes:

Ireland’s iconic Jacob’s Mikado biscuit is the inspiration for Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s mind-meltingly good new milkshake, The GBK Mikado Shake! Available from today (Wednesday, 25th May) for a limited period,.

This new must-try concoction is cool, creamy, coconutty, strawberry swirled and best of all, topped with an actual Mikado!

The GBK Mikado Shake is now available from all five GBK restaurants, priced €4.75. You can find GBK at South William Street, South Anne Street and Temple Bar in Dublin City Centre and Swords and Liffey Valley.

It tastes even better than it looks 50 free shakes being given out from 3pm today. Just rock up and ask!!

To celebrate we have a meal for FOUR at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with a GBK Mikado Shake for dessert to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘Biscuit-wise my most pleasurable dunking experience involves a (name of biscuit) into a cup of (name of beverage)’

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm 6.30pm



With ONE free family ticket to see box office hit The Angry Birds Movie directed by Irishman Fergal Reilly (above) at any ODEON cinema plus an Angry Bird figurine signed by Fergal we asked:

Who is the best Irish film director currently working?

You answered in your tens.

But there could only be one winner and two runners up.


Rob: “My favourite Irish film director currently making movies is my friend Rory Dungan because his first movie is a Zombie movie, which isn’t finished being made, so he hasn’t had the chance to disappoint me yet.”

Garthicus: ‘My favourite Irish film director currently making movies is……………. because………… I genuinely don’t have an informed answer, but my 5 year old is Angry Birds crazy and would love this prize.. so I’ll just say Neil Jordan cause he was sound the time I met him when I was an extra on Michael Collins.

Daisy Chainsaw: “My favourite Irish film director currently making movies is Paul O’Brien because Staid is a beautiful film.”

Rob wins the family passes and a signed figurine. Paul and Daisy go home with a signed figurine and may have to download the movie illegally will have pay like regular folk at Odeon cinemas nationwide..

Bubblin’ under>

JimmytheHead: “My favourite Irish film director currently making movies is not this geezer because jaunty scarf.”

badatmemes: “My favourite Irish film director currently making movies is Mattress Mick because nothing really mattress. Anyone can see. Nothing really matress to me.’

Odeon Cinemas

Yesterday: Win Fergals Bird


We asked: How was Italia ’90 for you?

The three winners of last night’s competition to meet Packie Bonner at the launch of his autobiography The Last Line in the Smock Alley Theatre, Lower Exchange Street, Dublin 8 at 8pm next Thursday were:

Rose: “My abiding memory of Italia 90 involved…my mum cutting up every old shirt or bit of fabric that she had with even a hint of green, white or orange in it and making it into lengths of home made bunting to drape the front garden. Best dressed house on the street!!
This ticket would be for her….huge fan!”

Dash Rickwood: “My abiding memory of Italia ’90 was getting Packie to sign my shirt when they were training for the Holland game. I was 13, he was enormous and I knew right there that something great was going to happen.”

Spud1: “Involved me getting my lovely Penneys  ‘Give it a lash Jack’ t-shirt covered in Cavan Cola as we, and my other young cousin, bounced around like mad after Packie saved that peno while watching it in my Grannys house. We were full of sugar and excitement… and it seemed the grown ups dancing around us were too.”

Runners up:

Fluffybiscuits: “My abiding memory of Italia 90 was sitting in the armchair in the shoot outs of the second round against Romania. Daniel Timofte had just fupped up and we waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity. David O Leary took the ball and looked really nervous and smashed it home. My father for one of the few times in his life cried as did I (I was 8) and my mother. Even now I still feel the lump in my throat thinking about it. Our neighbour Nora who lived up the road was in her 70s and she skipped down the road crying. It was like a tsunami of tears. Regardless of not winning tickets or not its a nice memory that I needed on and its just put a smile right back on my face….:)”

The Old Boy: “My abiding memory of ‘Italia ’90 involved a piss-up in a brewery during the Ireland v Romania match. My memory of that evening, however, sadly no longer abides.”

Continuity Jay Z: “My abiding memory of Italia 90 is Pat Bonner’s mammoth fupp up on Roberto Donadoni’s drive to allow Scillachi to deprive us of a semi final place.”

Thanks all.

Packie Bonner At The Smock Alley Theatre

Yesterday: Shake The Hands Of God

Thanks Katie


From top: Castletown House; Zoe Ryan, inside the house’s Stable wing, with buttons embroidered by Countess Markievicz when she was in Holloway Prison.

Calling all antique-collecting/ vintage Venetian architecture fans.

Castletown House is Ireland’s “first, finest and largest” 18th century Palladian style house only 20km from Dublin’s city centre.

Christina writes:

On Saturday and Sunday rom 10am to 5pm, the Ofiice of Public Works will host its first Antiques Fair at Castletown House in Celbridge, Co Kildare with the Irish Antique Dealers Association in the House’s stunningly renovated Stable Wing*.

Twenty leading members of Irish Antiques Dealers’ Association will take part in the fair with fine furniture, painting, silver, jewellery, books, prints and a number of interesting items with 1916 connections on view and on offer.

Courtville Antiques has a set of special buttons in the original box, embroidered by Countess Markievicz whilst she was in jail in Holloway Prison. George Stacpoole of Adare has a collection of drawings done by members of the Gore Booth family of Lissadel of which the Countess was a member whilst The Silver Shop has a fine miniature of Sackville Casement who was the great uncle of Roger Casement.

To celebrate we have TWO family passes (either 2 adults, 2 kids or 4 adults) for a tour of the house to giveaway to TWO Broadsheet readers.

To enter, just complete this sentence.

‘I would particularly enjoy a guided tour of Castletown House owing to my interest in__________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5pm MIDNIGHT

Castletown House

* Parking: Exit 6, M4, Celbridge West

Top pic: Skyline Studio

Bottom pic: Mark Stedman/Rollingnews


Shouting at Marian Finucane on t’wireless.

Walking the dog.

Overcoming ‘The Fear’.

There must be more to Sundays.

Ciaran Walsh writes:

We’ve been working with St Patrick’s Festival to put The Ultimate Sunday together for the #ILoveMyCity series of events.

We’re bringing the Sunday papers to life for the whole day this Sunday, March 20 with cultured chats, sweet sounds, screenings, live comedy and more – all in the ornate surroundings of Belvedere House.

Journalists Shona Murray and Sinead O’Shea will recount what it’s like reporting from war zones, Ken Early and Dion Fanning will be analysing the sports stories that have shaped the last 12 months, Helen Steele will be telling us how to fun a fashion empire from Co. Monaghan and there’s appearances from Colm O’Regan, Alison Spittle, Sounds Alive and Broadsheet favourite Anderson….

We’d like to offer THREE pairs of tickets to Broadsheet readers for this Sunday’s event.. To enter just  finish this sentence:

‘While by no means my favourite day of the week my ultimate Sunday involves….’

Lines MUST close at 3.15pm Midnight

Ultimate Sunday