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What you may need to know:

1. Based on the 2010 Chilean mining accident, when 33 miners survived for 69 days under 2,300 feet of rock.

2. Spoiler alert: They get out.

3. Nice to see Antonio Banderas doing something besides chewing gum ads.

4. Remember Yonni Barrios? He was the miner whose wife found out about his mistress when they both showed up holding pictures of him. In front of the world’s media. Oof.

5. This trailer is crying out for a bit of “Sending Our Love Down the Well.”

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Imagine the smell.

Release Date: November 13.

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What you may need to know

It’s the new film by Lenny Abrahamson.

2. Based on the novel by Emma Donohue.

3. Starring Brie Larson, from 21 Jump Street (2012) and Short Term 12 (2013). Track down the latter.

4. Not to be confused with Tommy Wiseau‘s masterpiece.

5. The buzz is already deafening.

Broadsheet Prognosis: Lenny, meet Oscar

Release date: Autumn


What you may need to know:

1. “What if” scenario supposing that the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs missed.

2. Two movies in one year? You’re really spoiling us, Pixar.

3. Minimal dialogue reminiscent of Wall-E (2008)… Good.

4. Overbearing, emotionally manipulative Of Monsters and Men soundtrack… Bad.

5. This is the directorial feature debut of long-time Pixar animator, Peter Sohn. You might recognise him as the physical model for Up’s (2009) Russell. The likeness is uncanny.

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Men will weep.

Release Date: November 27.

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Walk in the Woods

What you may need to know:

1. Robert Redford and Nick Nolte hike 2,200 miles across the Appalachian Trail.

2. Based on Bill Bryson’s 1998 best-seller.

3. It’s back to the day job for Sundance Kid and gran crush Redford.

4. Oh hai Nick Offerman. Always a pleasure.

5. Is there a studio brave enough to put Nolte, Rip Torn and Randy Quaid in the same movie? I guess the liability insurance would be prohibitive.

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Wild (2014) for the Werther’s Original set.

Release Date: September 18.

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What you may need to know:

1. Katie (Tina Fey) and Maura Ellis (Amy Poehler) throw a final house party before their parents sell up.

You know those movies where they put all the jokes in the trailer? Well, this isn’t one of those.

3. After six years together on SNL, Mean Girls (2004), Baby Mama (2008) and presenting every Golden Globes since the onset of Ricky Gervais fatigue, Fey and Poehler are rapidly turning into the American Ant and Dec.

4. Paul Feig should drop Ghostbusters (2016) and do an all-female reboot of Byker Grove with Fey and Poehler instead. I would watch the hell out of that.

5. That’s John Cena in the trailer. Cena is a popular WWE wrestler. Apparently.

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Two sisters. Zero laughs. Is it too late for a rewrite?

Release Date: March 11, 2016.

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What you may need to know:

1. A new one from David O. Russell. Joy of joys indeed.

2. It’s about Joy Mangano who invented the Miracle Mop and The Huggable Hanger among other really clever things.

3. Joy initially sold 1,000 mops to QVC on consignment who later wanted to return the remaining mops after poor sales. Having invested her savings and borrowing from her family to get the mop into production, she insisted on going on herself to demonstrate it and shifted 18,000 units in twenty minutes. Mmf.

4. American Hustle (2013) kicked us in the senses. Silver Linings Playbook (2012) kicked us right in the feels. It looks like Joy is going to kick us right in that painful lower back area you get from scrubbing or repeatedly having to bend down.

5. Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro are back together again. This time with bonus chizzled jaw courtesy of Édgar Ramírez.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: Oscar spillage on aisle 3

7. Release date:  January 1,  2016


What you may need to know:

1. 19th century revenge western. After a bear mauling, fur trapper Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is robbed and left for dead by his companions (Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter).

2. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s eagerly anticipated follow up to Birdman (2014), one of the most divisive movies of last year. If you loved it, odds are your mate hated it. Your mate’s wrong.

3. Can Iñárritu bag an Oscar two years in a row? Doubtful, but he’ll certainly be in contention. Probably best to keep Sean Penn away from the podium, just in case.

4. The last director to win two successive Oscars was Joseph L. Mankiewicz (A Letter to Three Wives [1949] and All About Eve [1950]). John Ford also won for The Grapes of Wrath (1940) and How Green Was My Valley (1941).

5. Iñárritu certainly doesn’t make things easy for himself. After choosing to shoot Birdman using a brilliant one-shot device, the director’s self-imposed handicap on The Revenant was the decision to shoot the film in sequence.

Broadsheet prognosis: Needs more jazz drumming.

Release Date:
  January15, 2016

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What you may need to know:

1. Comic Con came and went. It left behind many trailers. Some that the film distributors wanted you to see and some that they didn’t. Warner Brothers released this trailer, rather begrudgingly, after it leaked online.

2. Doesn’t Will Smith look typically unscary.

3. Captain Boomerang. Snigger.

4. Jared Leto takes on the Joker role. Fair play in fairness.

5. David Ayer directs, promising to stay very faithful to the source material. Which is great. If you like the source material.

6. Sure something has to be done with all those defeated supervillains.

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: The long con

8. Release Date: August 5, 2016

Evil Dead

What you may need to know:

1. Chainsaw? Check. Boomstick? Check. Groovy.

2. Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Bruce Campbell write and produce this 10-part continuation of the original Evil Dead trilogy.

3. Just don’t mention the remake.

4. The 30-minute format seems like an odd choice, no?

5. It looks like a significant portion of the budget went on fake blood.

6. Bruce Campbell is playing Ronald Reagan in the second season of Fargo. He should be in everything.

7. Go and buy Campbell’s autobiography immediately. Avoid the follow-up novel, though. Awesome title aside, it’s a bit of a letdown.

8. Broadsheet prognosis: Hail to the king baby.

Release Date: October 31.

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What you may need to know

1. Hello Oscar – it’s Saoirse Ronan calling…

2. Based upon the novel by Colm Tóibín. Adapted by Nick Hornby. Directed by John Crowley, who did Intermission (2003).

Between this, Star Wars and The Revenant,  Domhnall Gleeson’s gonna have a hell of a year.


5. Broadsheet Prognosis: There will be tears. There will be prizes.

Release Date: November