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Denis6.jpg[Denis O'Brien: a very cool guy with great hair]

We have removed the post headlined ‘Faucet, We Don’t Have A Chance’ after solicitors acting for Denis O’Brien this afternoon strongly requested we (and our hosting company) do so by 5pm.

We will keep you posted on any ‘developments’. Sorry for this and the sporadic postage during the last couple of hours. Everything is going to be alright.

*opens whiskey*

*downloads ‘Rumpole’ box-set*

UPDATE: Thicker Than Uisce

BFLku7_CAAAQ51x.jpg-large[Karl at the Science Gallery in March last year]

The figures for Broadsheet in 2013 have been ‘totted up’.

Karl saw a…

4.9% INCREASE in visits to 13.8 million
5% DROP in unique visitors to 2.9 million
6.5% RISE in pageviews to 30.1 million

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Chrome continues to be the dominant browser choice with 39% (up 6%) of users. Firefox stays in second place with 17.6% (down 4%), Safari takes third with 15.9% (down 0.1%) taking Internet Explorer’s place which now has 14.9% (down 2.9%).

iOS still accounts for 2/3rds of the mobile browser traffic to the site and Android taking most of the rest. The big winner though is Windows Phone from which pageviews exploded by 648% (for a total of 2.4% of the mobile traffic).


This year saw the release of an updated iOS app as well as new Android and Windows Phone apps. There were 8,522 downloads on iOS (for about 30K total) and 4,654 on Android. From that, there’s between 2,500 and 3,000 active users a day producing 2.5 million sessions and 15 million screen views between them. It very much seems like people dip in and out of the apps a few times a day.

Thanks all.

Broadsheet Yearly Stats 3: We’re getting a bit old in the tooth now (Karl Monaghan)