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The Micheal Tea Cosy by reader Virginia Costello;

We are five today and would like to thank all broadsheet commenters/contributors past and present.

Some birthday messages:

“I like that you introduced me to Poorly Drawn Lines (which I continually call Badly Drawn Lines). How you keep issues like the Fr Niall Molloy death in peoples’ minds. How you fought for Kate against the might of the Communication Clinic. For making the acquaintance of some funny commenters, who’s real names and faces I’ve never seen. And Mani. And the rest. They’re just a few reasons Broadsheet is worth the bandwidth alone (or works bandwidth, heh) And for feeding my ego and putting my occasional photos online. Thanks lads and lassies.”

Sheila Larkin

“I’m not sure when I first ventured over to Broadsheet, but I think it was after it being linked from the basket case that is Politics.ie. Gradually it became my most visited website/app. I’ve viewed the past 3-odd years through its prism, valuing its idiosyncratic approach to the broader news agenda and important coverage of issues ignored or given short shrift elsewhere. This would be nothing without the irreverent humour, posts chosen specifically to angry up the readers, and, of course, the comment section.”


“Every morning the three sites I check are my Outlook webmail, Facebook and Broadsheet. Only then can I start work emails.”


“Five years of the ‘Sheet? Bloody hell!
Fair play to you all, you’ve done well.
Despite some posters’ snark
Being quite wide of the mark,
And a waste of good HTML.”

Gary Flood

We would like acknowledge with a large tay the following for ‘above the fold’ help.

Nat King Coleslaw, Sue Phillips, Oisín Kane, Sibling of Daedalus, Not Pancho, Aaron McAllorum, Simon Judge, Chris Judge, Legal Coffee Drinker, Edel O’Connell, Lars Biscuits, Sarah Leahy, Lillie Leahy, Emily O’Callaghan, Olga Cronin, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, Michael McDermott, Ciaran Walsh, Tom and Sally Fitzgerald; Exchequer Street Boy (James Kavanagh); John Moynes, Sheila Larkin, John Wilson, Gemma O’Doherty, Maurice McCabe, Gavin Sheridan, William Maher, Ken Foxe, Karl Monaghan, Dan Boyle, Anne Marie McNally, Catherine Murphy, Simon McGarr, Alan Newman, Derek O’Connor, Mark Ryall, Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon, James M Chimney, Aidan Coughlan, Annie West, Eoin Purcell, Elaine Herbert, Aongus Collins, Eamon Delaney, Sinéad Keogh, Lynn Donovan, Louise Roe, Aware, Gareth MacNamee, Anne-Louise Foley, Gary Fitzgibbon, Pamela McCarthy, Mark Tighe, Miriam Cotton, Kevin Cramer, Dermot Ahern, Meliosa Fitzgibbon, Geoff McGrath, Padraig Glynn, Sinead Ryan, Joanne Byrne, Mick Flavin, John Gallen, Aran Brazil, Paul Murphy, Enda Bolger, Colin McGann, Séamus Kiernan, Mark Henderson, Eamon Farrell, Sam Boal, Sasko Lazarov, Elaine Bradley, Mick Wallace, Clare Daly, Dr Tom Clonan, Tom Dillon, Neil Michael, Darragh Doyle, Julien Mercille, Anna Christofides, David Cichon, Conor O’Neill, Barry Hartigan, Buzz O’Neill, Miss Panti, Paula Geraghty, Oireachtas Retort, the people at Hosting Ireland, Justine McCarthy, Gavin Titley,  David Norris, Conor Cusack, Mark Kelly, Joan Fitzpatrick, Sam Fitzpatrick, Fat Frog (Gaza), Mark Geary (Australia), Reppy [New Zealand] and our beloved commenters, the Broadsheet Massive. Apologies if we’ve left anyone out.

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Next week, Broadsheet celebrates five years in operation.

We are looking for YOU to share YOUR (brief) thoughts on the tumultuous and fairly gnarly last half decade both here (and ‘abroad’)….All political/religious persuasions welcome.Those words will then appear in a special post (accompanied by striking artwork) on the day itself (Tuesday, July 28).

Please send pithy 2010-2015 observations marked ‘Five Years‘ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie.   Thank you very much.