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By popular demand.

Broadsheet comments section now has a five minute edit facility.

You can leave a comment and correct any typos, errors or whatnot within five minutes.


Thanks Marc Nixon

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The results of the recent Broadsheet Think-In in spreadsheet form.

We are currently working to facilitate an edit function in the comments section and a bukes section.


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Thanks Neil

Broadsheet will be up on blocks from 2pm this afternoon returning later this evening.

The annual Broadsheet ‘think-in’ is taking place at an undisclosed location.

We are looking at ways to improve the site and the telly show.

If you have any suggestions please leave them below.

A €25 Golden Discs voucher to the most ‘helpful’.

Thank you.


Test card by Alan O’Regan


Knitted Jumpers.

For your feet!

Via FitFlop:

We have a pair of the new UBERKNIT™ Slip-On High Top Sneakers from the new S/S 2017 collection to give away to a Broadsheet reader! These sleek, simple and slick, pull-on sneakers are one of the latest innovations from FitFlop.

With their unbeatable ergonomics, super lightweight midsoles and breathable stretch, you’re guaranteed comfort all day long!

To enter, please complete this sentence.

‘I feel I should be given at least a pair of Fit Flop Uberknit pull-on sneakers particularly this week owing to________________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.45 Midnight 2am.

FitFlop ireland

Thanks Emer


Who’s doing it LIVE?

We are.

Broadsheet on the Telly will be streaming above and on our YouTube channel at 11.45 tonight.

A discussion show involving real people cradling a spliff large Scotch tay and nattering LIVE from their work spaces/kitchens.

If you want something covered by the panel tonight please leave your suggestions below.


During the chat, Olga said Ms Hannon reported that the McCabe referral file containing the false allegation of digital penetration – which the counsellor made for Tusla – contained the names of two alleged abuse victims. This was a mistake and incorrect. Ms Hannon said the file contained the names of two alleged abusers. Sincere apologies.

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Apologies for the lighter than usual postage today. Unforeseen absences and whatnot. Normal service has resumed

For those interested in taking part in Broadsheet on the Telly please drop us an email [to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’] no later than this Thursday, February 9.

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