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The demise of the once ubiquitous Microsoft browser and inexorable dominance of Chrome compliled from Stat Counter data by Jody Sieradzki.

You’ll notice that Greenland switched to Safari last year.

It didn’t work out.


We somehow missed this one last week, but there’s now a fully functional version of the grandaddy of all FPS games Wolfenstein 3D available to play in your browser.

We’re refusing to acknowledge though that it was released to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

1992. If you want us, we’ll be locked in our room, hating everyone.

Play Wolfenstein 3D

(Thanks Cian)

The Onion Browser is a 79c iOS App that channels your connection through the Tor network, conceals your IP address and encrypts all the data leaving your phone.

It also conceals your iOS signature and tunnels out through company firewalls.

Mwa, and furthermore, Ha Haaa!

The Onion Browser Brings Anonymous, Encrypted Browsing To iOS (Cult of Mac)


From Gizmodo:

The newest version of Firefox is now available for the PC and Mac. Its newest features include a Forward button that remains hidden until you actually need it, support for full-screen APIs, and better extensions management.


Firefox 10 Now Available For Download (The Verge)