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A new mural on the side of a seven storey residential building at Rebibbia in Rome by local street artist ‘Blu’ – part of a series of works by a neighborhood group called “Mammut” endeavouring to redevelop abandoned green spaces in the city.

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Tastes just like chicken, apparently.

Pat writes:

Spotted on a derelict building on Camden Street [Dublin], near The Bleeding Horse Pub. Does anybody know the history of this building?!

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Like graphic designer Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, Australian photographer Peter Stewart creates vertiginous eye candy from the courtyards and plazas of colourful buildings around the world – in this case, the illuminated residential blocks and skyscrapers of Hong Kong (pix 1-4, 6-7), Perth (pic 5), Guangzhou (pic 8) and Paris (pix 9,10).



An atmospheric stop motion short by John Eyre and Robin Heap in which a dark and foreboding world is crumbling. Trapped on an upper floor of a dilapidated office building, a boy must escape.

The Palace


dreaming-camera-cafe-is-shaped-like-a-vintage-rolleiflex-designboom-15dreaming-camera-cafe-is-shaped-like-a-vintage-rolleiflex-designboom-01dreaming-camera-cafe-is-shaped-like-a-vintage-rolleiflex-designboom-07 dreaming-camera-cafe-is-shaped-like-a-vintage-rolleiflex-designboom-09 dreaming-camera-cafe-is-shaped-like-a-vintage-rolleiflex-designboom-08dreaming-camera-cafe-is-shaped-like-a-vintage-rolleiflex-designboom-04
Behold the Dreaming Camera Café in the rural idyll of Gyeonggi-do province in South Korea, constructed in the style of a twin lens vintage Rolleiflex camera.

The world is a better place with such things in it.


Ah here.



Further to the Construction Industry Federation’s call for an increase in house prices.

John Gallen writes:

“I contacted them [CIF] via Twitter. I wanted to know why they saw it that “house prices need to increase in order for the building of residential properties to become more cost effective”.
The basic response is that although land has come down since the boom years in varying degrees other costs have not. I asked for detail of these other costs. I got this breakdown of how much to build a typical 3 Bed Semi-d. It comes in at €197k just to build it. Excluding VAT.”

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The Cost Of Constructing A 3 Bed Semi Detached House (CIF)