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Of this sinuous, extrapolation of the architecture of Osaka in japan, artist/filmmaker collaborative AUJIK sez:

Spatial Bodies  depicts the urban landscape and architectural bodies as an autonomous living and self replicating organism. Domesticated and cultivated only by its own nature. A vast concrete vegetation, oscillating between order and chaos.

Music composed by Daisuke Tanabe.


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Furniture maker and sculptor James McNabb’s exhibition, Metros at the Robert Fontaine gallery in Miami.

Of his impressive work, which he describes as ‘sketching with a bandsaw’, McNabb sez:

I compare hyperrealistic painting to fine woodworking. Both are slow, tedious, detail oriented process that require great care and consideration through every stage of making. In contrast, I compare my style of rapid bandsaw mark making to the fast paced nature of spray can art. It’s my attempt at “urban woodworking”.