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cake1Larry Brennan whose Adolf Hitler birthday cake in this week’s Kilkenny People has perplexed many appeared on KCLR 96FM this morning

NN writes:

Guy left Kilkenny (Coon) for Britain when he was 18, worked as a trapeze artist then as a stand-in in movies and TV shows (met Kevin Costner and Richard Burton and was a detective in Minder). He’s a collector of military memorabilia and admires Hitler’s army (among others).



More as we get it.

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The music video for Never Again by Australian musician Tommy Spender, who sez:

I made this film clip with a great photographer friend of mine and it took two takes. That means I had to eat TWO CAKES. I ended up eating so much confetti and glitter that I had a glittery poo the next day. But it was all worth it as backwards eating really can end up looking quite beautiful. Thankfully the clip was not about the glittery poo.