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An award-winning conceptual ‘camping pod’ inspired by the Mini F60 Countryman by design agencies Bitlens Studio and Anomaly.

Towbar, wheels, water supply, what is this I don’t even? Sshh.

Never mind that for now.


ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom021 ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom101 ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom091 ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom081 ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom051 ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom041 ArchiWorkshop-glamping-tents-designboom031
Seoul based Archiworks’ glamorous eco-camping units come in two different nature-friendly, flexible, transportable flavours with names like sea, desert, creek, mountain, cave, forest, river and city: the ‘stacking doughnut’ (inspired by circular pebbles) and the extendable ‘modular flow’ unit – both featuring bespoke folding sofas and ‘art walls’ rendered by young Korean artists.