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Last night.

A hydroponic grow house in Donegal, where approximately 800 cannabis plants and 30 kilos of cannabs ‘erb were seized.The find followed searches of lands and a premises at Carrickboy, Ballyshannon [home of the folk festival *winks*), Co Donegal.

Gardai estimate a ‘street’ value of 1.2 bajillion (pending analysis).

That street is now safe.

Go about your business.


aodhanLabour’s junior health minister Aodhán Ó Ríordáin’

Newly appointed junior health minister Aodhan Ó Ríordáin’s first task?

To ‘consider’ decriminalising the ‘erb.

Not leglisalising it mind.

A stoner speaks:

Sadly not the same thing by a long chalk, compadré, if you’ve ever been in Portugal. The purchaser is untroubled but the seller (with his pitiful few nodges) is harrassed beyond endurance, The supply dries up, the price goes through the roof, the quality diminishes and anarchy ensues….



State to examine possibility of decriminalising cannabis (Irish Times)


41st Shade.

A clear headed documentary on cannabis in Ireland.

Featuring Limerick physician William O’Shaugnessy, discoverer of the medical properties of cannabis, Mr Nice, Mr Ming, Prof Crown, addiction counsellors and a covert mildly paranoia-inducing visit to a grow house.

Maker Paul Roban writes:

The intention of this documentary is to explore the role of cannabis in 21st Century Ireland, not least due to growing usage within the mainstream, but also because of our failure to prevent its distribution. For this reason, we need to question the resources ploughed into the ‘war on drugs’ and whether both the time and manpower called upon is justifiable when it appears that all other progressive nations are either entirely decriminalising cannabis or relaxing their laws on its possession.

(Made before the Summer cabinet reshuffle while Alan Shatter was Justice Minister,  James Reilly was Health and Ming was in the Dáil)

Thanks 41st Shade




“Dr Barry [head of the department of public health in Trinity College Dublin] said the study appeared to confirm earlier findings about the harm associated with cannabis use and its role as a gateway drug. “

Teen Cannabis UsersLess Likely To Finish School, Get A Degree (Irish Times)

Kevin C writes:

“The report is about very heavy use during puberty and of course does nothing to prove that marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’  but don’t let that get in the way of the ‘Reefer Madness’….” Interesting to see this strange and inconclusive report made the FRONT page of the Irish Times today – under the U2 and Apple love in. Drugs bad Bono/Apple good kids. Mmkay.”

The Potential Toll Of Heavy Cannabis Use (The Lancet)

00093842-642[The new cabinet queuing for the Dáil this afternoon]

“To recap: Pat Rabbitte, Ruairi Quinn, Eamon Gilmore, Deputy Hogan and Jimmy Deenihan all gone from Cabinet.

Paschal Donohoe, Heather Humphreys, Alan Kelly, Jan O’Sullivan and Alex White all appointed to Cabinet.”

Cabinet Reshuffle: Live Blog (RTE)


Jan O’Sullivan will become Minister for Education, Alex White will be the new Minister for Communications, Energy and and Natural Resources, Charlie Flanagan takes over at the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Alan Kelly will become Minister for the Environment.
James Reilly moves to Children and Youth Affairs, while Leo Varadkar replaces him as Minister for Health.
Heather Humphreys will replace Jimmy Deenihan at the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Pic Jonathan Healy


The new cabinet calculating their pensions assemble in the chamber.