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This morning.

Blasket Island Ferries wrote:

This genius decided to drive down to the pier in Dunquin which is a pedestrian-only walkway! He wedged the jeep at the corner which means no one can access the pier this morning. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. He’s been in the jeep all night!

In an update, in the past hour….

The car has been freed, thank god. Thanks to Kerry Council Council for all their help.

Blasket Island Ferries (Facebook)

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Behold: Blackbird -a  battery-powered automotive rig created by London based visual effects company The Mill.

A fully-adjustable wheelbase, track width, and suspension allows filmmakers to shoot car commercials without actual cars. The product chassis, in whatever required variant, colour or configuration, is superimposed over the Blackbird in post production via CGI.



Alan O’Regan asks:

Anyone know what car insurance has gone up so much since last year? Between 30 and 50%! The best answer I could get when I rang around is “that’s the nature of the game”. 2002 car that I use as a run round. Passes its NCT every year. 7 years no claims. No points. Some of the quotes I got made my eyes water…


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