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An extraordinary artefact recently discovered among a cache of burial treasures at the 3,500 year old tomb of a Bronze Age warrior in southwest Greece: the Pylos Combat Agate – a carved sealstone less than 4cm wide featuring an astonishingly detailed depiction of two fighters clashing over the slain body of a third.

Professor Jack Davis of the University of Cincinnati (whose researchers originally unearthed the tomb) sez of it:

What is fascinating is that the representation of the human body is at a level of detail and musculature that one doesn’t find again until the classical period of Greek art 1,000 years later.

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Helene Duffy writes:

We’re still carving our pumpkins! Here is this years Smithfield pumpkins plus a turnip.

LAST YEAR: Pumpkin Real Good

All ‘kin carvings to Broadsheet Pumpkin Challenge at broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

seijikawasaki4 seijikawasaki7woodfood11woodfood18woodfood9 woodfood7seijikawasaki8woodfood2woodfood1woodfood5

Extraordinarily realistic food sculptures by Seiji Kawasaki, hand carved from blocks of wood, painted, detailed and occasionally imbued with quirky functionality, as with the chilli pepper chopstick rests.

More here.



You’ll like John.

For the last fifty four years, the amateur woodcarver has kicked back and whittled some, to say the least. He can carve anything out of a single piece of wood, from a block to a toothpick.

Here, he casually introduces some of his extraordinary carvings – each one more impressive than the last.


Jewelry-carved-from-old-coins-01-634x634 Jewelry-carved-from-old-coins-06-634x634 Jewelry-carved-from-old-coins-18-634x634coinsJewelry-carved-from-old-coins-07-634x634 Jewelry-carved-from-old-coins-13-634x634 Jewelry-carved-from-old-coins-09-634x634Thornhill Jewellery of London produces pendants made from old British coins with whimsical/stoner designs hand-carved out of them.

They sell for between £30 and £50, depending on the complexity of the cut.