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Volumes: a 4K CG art film by Russian visual artist Maxim Zhestkov featuring a hypnotic ballet of billions of multicoloured particles.

Full screen for full effect.


MPC VFX shows how Sean Young’s Nexus 6 replicant Rachel in Blade Runner was recreated for Blade Runner 2049 using reference images from the then 58 year old actress, a younger performer and CGI effects.


A bizarre CGI short by Christoph Krenn (with sound by Matthias Urban) featuring the disconcerting interactions of conjoined body parts.

Contains naked CGI torsos but that should be the least of your concerns here.


Currently a pristine 2 bed home with planning permission to extend into a large 3 bed with double story extension.

Kickham Road, Inchicore (MyHome)

ikea1ikea-onComp room
In an interview last June with Martin Enthed, IKEA’s IT Manager for in-house communication, it was revealed that 75% of the images you see in the IKEA catalogue are computer generated. To wit:

The real turning point for us was when, in 2009, they called us and said, “You have to stop using CG. I’ve got 200 product images and they’re just terrible. You guys need to practice more.” So we looked at all the images they said weren’t good enough and the two or three they said were great, and the ones they didn’t like were photography and the good ones were all CG! Now, we only talk about a good or a bad image — not what technique created it.”

MORE: Building 3D With IKEA (CG Society)



Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 14.46.49

A promo video featuring seven surreal CGI-enhanced vignettes by director Dan Kokatajlo and a team of creatives for the launch of the album Floating Metal Key by London-based electronica musician Mathew Wilcock.

Artist Digitally Warps London For EP Teaser (The Creators Project)

laughing squid


Filmmaker Kevin Margo’s work in progress teaser for Construct – an upcoming sci-fi short which aims to showcase a revolutionary new CGI/motion capture process.

Also well worth a look is Margo’s critically acclaimed 2012 sci-fi short Grounded.

MORE: Robot Film “Construct” Could Change Everything You Know About CGI ( Creators Project)

6f1ee0a3e5713635449e3a0876d88185 7c67bfb8089314610ef69e1eb41e67fa 98253f432be4e691132d3147eccc0345 c8aaa24032fe1fecb45c2bf4930e98bbGraphic designer, Antoni Tudisco’s wooden burgers, runners, doughnuts and whatnot aren’t even wood, or burgers or runners or doughnuts or whatnot.

They’re digital representations of wooden representations of burgers, runners, doughnuts and whatnot.

Is it lunchtime yet?



A demo of the shape of game character rendering to come – courtesy of Activision R&D and an unspecified (but probably large) number of GeForce GTX680 graphics cards.

Not quite parfait. But getting there.

More examples here.