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A short by Steve Kirby, written and narrated by Alain de Botton in which we oberve:

the relationships of two couples engaged in the cycle of nagging: a shirking husband and his long-suffering wife, and a daughter who has become unreceptive to her mother’s tyrannical lessons.


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Turn and face the strange.

Stewart Lambert writes:

On the streets of Dublin, I put the question “What has been the biggest change in your life and how did you deal with it?” to the public. I was surprised and encouraged by their honesty.

An animated tribute to the changing face of David Bowie (in honour of his 68th birthday last Wednesday) by UK illustrator and Bowie fan Helen Green.


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Excerpts from a project by photographer Christian Chaize spanning eight locked-off, large format years on a beach in Southern Portugal. To wit:

What the still-life was for Morandi, the haystack for Monet…this beach is that for me. From a distance, I observe the variables: light, weather, time of day, the ebb and flow of the ocean and most importantly, the sunbathers, unaware, below my large-format camera. The images are shot vertically, a departure from the traditional, horizontal format in landscape photography. It puts my subject matter in the form of a portrait—an ongoing record of this corner of nature (and human nature), over the minutes, the days, the years.

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