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Tom Williams writes:

My mate Phil is doing a 12 hour Busk-athon this Sunday on Grafton Street for Pieta House. Plan is to sing over 180 songs straight with no repeats. If anyone would like to join in and sing or play a song with him or just support everyone is encouraged to come along!

His planned set list is here and his charity page is here.

Listen to Philip discuss his buskathon on Today FM (scroll to 47:30)

Pieta House


Hard Times by Crystal Swing and the Working Together Community Choir, from Midleton, Co. Cork.

They launched a CD of the song last night in aid of Cancer Research, East Cork Rapid Response, St Vincent de Paul, Lions Club, Penny Dinners Cork and the Aimee Foley Treatment Fund.

Aimee Foley, 26, writes:

“Living in Ireland with a rare illness such Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is very stressful and worrying at the best of times, especially when expert care lies outside the State. In order to experience remission after 6 years of suffering my best chance is at the Hypermobility Unit in at St John & St Elizabeth’s Hospital in London. Being chosen as a beneficiary of this very worthy charity CD means I will benefit directly and will assist me in my journey to receive vital care not available in Ireland.”

Download the song here.

Let me be treated in UK, pleads woman with rare illness (Catherine Shanahan, Irish Examiner)

Working Together

(Full disclosure: Bodger’s da is a member of the choir. Mmmf)