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For your consideration.

Tadhg O’Sullivan writes:

I have a new film – The Great Wall – premiering on Monday at 6pm as part of JDIFF. Based on a Kafka short story it was shot across eleven countries over the last year and looks at borders, exclusion and power in Europe. Using Kafka’s mysterious ‘The Building of the Great Wall of China’ as narration, the film is a timely and very cinematic look at how the continent protects its own interests….


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Scenes of daily life at the dog shelter of Weinan, Shaanxi Province in China where, for the last six years, five elderly women have been feeding and caring for more than 1,300 stray dogs they’ve saved from the pound (and certain death).

Every morning at 4am, the women, including 60-year-old founder Wang Yanfan, prepare 400 kg of dog food, funded by donations, bless ’em.