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Madly in love culchies hipsters in London?

Pull the other one.

One in a series of many sentiment fuelled ads for Stella Artois leading into Christmas 2014.

Robbie Loughlin tweetz:

And here’s me thinking that the aul’ gift voucher would be grand…

Still is Robbie, still is.


Wait! What?

No chestnuts roasting on an open fire?

No Jack Frost nipping at your nose??

An Post writes:

Our An Post Christmas TV advert is about how we remember family and friends at Christmas. It highlights the fact that when we make the effort to write and post our Christmas cards, the emotional rewards for both sender and receiver are enormous.

The TV advert features the song ‘The Christmas Waltz’ and was shot in locations around Dublin and Wicklow.

The music track is called ‘The Christmas Waltz’, vocals by Lisa Hannigan and is available to purchase on Bandcamp. All profits raised from the sale of the track will go directly to Simon Community to help tackle homelessness in Ireland.

Now, giant Anglo-Saxon supermarket chains, that’s how you do a Christmas ad.

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Designer Fergus O’Neill of Grand Grand writes:

Introducing THE MAN BOX – FOR MEN (I was going to do a LADY BOX – FOR THE LADIES but the only image I could find of a woman smoking a pipe was Peig in full beard, by the fire, and I felt it didn’t connect with today’s young, clean shaven (probably fireless) ladies.) Anyways… The MAN BOX – FOR MEN It’s the MUST HAVE gift of the season for your MAN… be that your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, grandfather, uncle, aunt or indeed uncle.

The Man Box – For Men €25 (Grand Grand)

Irish Made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers’. No fees, just a manly handshake.