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A ‘rette for giants?

This afternoon.

Government Buildings, Merrion Stret, Dublin 2

Catherine Byrne TD. Minister of State at the Department of Health with responsibility for Health Promotion and the National Drugs Strategy with a giant cig pack prop promoting the new tax based price hike on snouts.

The 50 per cent increase in the duty on coffin nails brings the average price of twenty tabs to €12.

The news was greeted with hacking laughter from day traders dealing in baccy futures on the black market.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews



Darragh Doyle Via Aoife on the OMGWACA Facebook group, tweetz:

How Trinity College are settling the big Lyons vs Barry’s tea debate (or finding culchies)…




No Hyman Roth-mans?


Via Revenue.ie:

As a result of routine profiling, officers from Revenues Customs Service seized over 10.3m cigarettes with a retail value of over €4.7million over the weekend at Dublin Port. Revenues mobile scanner revealed the Don Corleone brand cigarettes concealed in a 40 foot container which had arrived into Dublin Port from Belgium. The cigarettes were described on the manifest as paper handkerchiefs.

Don Corleone cigs anyone?

(Photocall Ireland)


Smoking rates in Australia fell at their fastest pace in more than two decades, following the introduction of the world’s first law forcing cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging.

The daily smoking rate fell 15 per cent between 2010 and December 1 2013, when one in eight Australians said they lit up at least once a day, according to the most comprehensive survey undertaken since the new rules came into force.

Australia, which introduced plain packaging in December 2012, is at the centre of a global debate over whether laws removing all corporate branding and adding graphic health warnings can reduce smoking. Tobacco companies claim the rules do not work and say they infringe their intellectual property rights.

Simon Chapman, a professor in public health at the University of Sydney, told the Sydney Morning Herald that plain packaging was almost “like finding a vaccine that works very well against lung cancer”.

Australia smoking rates tumble after plain packaging shift (Jamie Smyth, Financial Times)

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Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland