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Some Like It Hot (1959) starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.

On the big screen, in the open air in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin.

Hosted by Open Air Cinema, a non-profit group putting on “low to no impact, leave no trace events” around the city.

€5. 7.30pm.

If late, don’t worry.

Nobody’s perfect.

Open Air Cinema (Facebook)

What you may need to know

 1. What Richard Did is the third film directed by Lenny Abrahamson, after Adam & Paul (2004) and Garage (2007).

2. It’s loosely adapted from Kevin Power‘s novel Bad Day In Blackrock.

3. It’s going to generate a lot of hand-wringing about Who We Are.

4. At 1’04 – spot Lars Mikkelsen, from TV’s The Killing and Borgen.

5. Next up for Abrahamson is Frank (2013), with Michael Fassbender & Domhnall Gleeson.

Release Date (Ireland): October 5