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A sort from Berlin-based f°am Studio in which a sentient Mercedes Benz messes about on deserted city streets singing ‘It’s Not Unsual’ in the voice of Hatsune Miku.

The vehicular codology then takes a whole different slant in an accompanying interview with the car known as Autonomous Rolf.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 00.26.06 Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 00.26.56

A melon-twisting 360° visual trip by Wowlab using nighttime imagery from Tokyo.

Ideally viewed with a VR headset, but failing that, full screen (and do have a good look around).



Timelapse footage of a bank of AQI400+ smog engulfing Beijing in the space of 20 minutes.

Filmed on January 2nd 2017 by Chas Pope, the video has already gone viral on the Chinese internet.


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 01.47.46

A graduate short by Chinese student animator Yajun Shi. To wit:

The idea was to depict an environmental issue. Inspired by that idea we chose to show the destruction of caused by natural forces on earth. The piece shows the inter relation between the city and the holder of the city.


Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 00.30.29

Outside Powerscourt, Dublin

Louise Heywood writes:

I’m a masters student in the National College of Art and Design [Dublin] and I’m in the middle of researching how city problems are resolved. I’m trying to get an idea of how people engage with their city. I would be very grateful if some of your readers could help me out by completing this very, VERY short survey.

Those who wish can take the 30-second survey here