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Last night.

Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Via Bad Dublin Parking:

Outside The Sheds [Connoly’s] pub…was there all night.

Last dying wish?

Undertaker gone ‘postal’?

We may never know.

Thanks Alan Bracken

Chastity is not a disabilty, Sister.

This afternoon.

Sarah writes:

Nothing like a bit of Christmas cheer when it comes to parking in Limerick city

This afternoon.

Parnell Street, Rotunda, Dublin 1

Lord Wilmore writes:

Everyday I see these guys next to Cineworld, ready to pull in to the taxi rank outside the back of Penney’s on Parnell Street. it’s a double yellow and a cycle lane!

I‘ve never seen a clamper go anywhere near them.

Either let the cycle lane be used or get rid of it. I’m tired of whizzing in and out of lanes on my rothar!

This morning.

Unspecified estate, Dublin.

Sure it’s grand. Not only forcing mothers with prams on to the road but blocking the view of cars leaving their estate…

Yesterday: Go Ahead, Make My Way

This morning.

Paul writes:

Today, members of the Disability Federation of Ireland are placing stickers on objects that block footpaths.

The drive is to create awareness of the rarely seen issues that disabled people across Ireland encounter every day.

In fairness.

Disability Federation of ireland


This morning.

The stickers in full effect around Dublin city.