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Caffeine Explorer.

The only interactive Google map to show YOU where you can get a cup of joe in Britain or Ireland.

Maker Conor Mulcahy writes:

I’ve solved a great problem for your readers, namely: “where can I buy the best coffee when I’m travelling?” It just so happens to be international coffee day on Tuesday, so I’m marking the occasion by releasing to the public; my personal Google Map [link below] of over 6,500 cafes in the UK and Ireland.
I’ve written a Masters Thesis on Independent coffee shops and I’m likely the only person in the world with such a data set….
Btw, I’ve tried to fit in as many cafes from Dublin as possible for you. If you have any further suggestions, please don’t be shy. I’d love to hear them. Go ahead and spread the word, because some things are too good not to share!


The Coffee Map of Britain And ireland