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James Timelord writes:

The Roberts Roberts [Irish coffee company] folks are doing a Random Acts of Kindness thing on Twitter. Use their hashtag and you can win free stuff. They call it Random Acts of Cup Kindness with the hashtag is #RACK. And when you click on it … well “the perfect cup” is not what they thought it was…

tumblr_mm4j3ugTDg1s4humpo1_1280 tumblr_mmc3c1rb611s4humpo1_1280 partraitpadrigepudgypauldrakemagic

A long running Tumblr of what some some Starbucks employees think they hear when Padraig orders his orange mocha frappuccino skinny flat white.

Padraig Vs Starbucks

Thanks Siún and Carolanne



kamkarMeanwhile in Chicago, Eimear has been renamed by the Starbucks on the East Jackson Blvd.

starKealan writes:

When Kealan orders in Starbucks…



 Muireann O’Connell writes:

When I order in Starbucks



carmaxFrom Cormac (aka Carmax) in San Francisco