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‘Experts on the Eighth’

From Dublin-based Pondering Media.

Karen Healy writes:

The first of three sketches we will release over the coming weeks, sees the return of Bríde O’Bríde (Karen Healy) and another self-proclaimed expert (Blaise Reid) discussing their much deeper connection to “life” than those of the pro-choice community…

Pondering Media

Arsa Angolo

Self help in Irish with comedian Martin Angolo.

Cian McCarthy, from Macalla Teo (Dublin-based production company), writes:

We’ve just launched a new webseries in Irish with comedian Martin Angolo. The series is called Arsa Angolo and has just been launched on BLOC – TG4’s new social media page.

It’s the first time they’ve commissioned a scripted comedy series for the web.

In the series Martin gives life advice, such as – how to find love, become an internet sensation and how to make it as a busker.

Bloc TG4

Liquid Lunch: Bic Razors

A new comedy short from Fox & Blake about “having your quiet time at the pub interrupted”.

Featuring comedian Tom “The Bear” O’Mahony.

Fox & Blake


Owl Wans discuss the March for Choice

By comedy double act Alan and Alan, a.k.a. Triple A

Alan writes:

With the 8th Committee once again in session, and the March4Choice last Saturday, here’s an animation about attitudes on the 8th amendment....It has talking animals, for the kids!

Triple A Comedy

The trailer for Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) recut by Mashable Watercooler as a comedy wherein Jonesy wreaks adorable havoc on board the Nostromo.



Radio Direland writes:

This secret footage leaked from inside Irish Water headquarters reveals plans for a major makeover of the company. Tune in next week for more explosive revelations.

Radio Direland