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Arsa Angolo

Self help in Irish with comedian Martin Angolo.

Cian McCarthy, from Macalla Teo (Dublin-based production company), writes:

We’ve just launched a new webseries in Irish with comedian Martin Angolo. The series is called Arsa Angolo and has just been launched on BLOC – TG4’s new social media page.

It’s the first time they’ve commissioned a scripted comedy series for the web.

In the series Martin gives life advice, such as – how to find love, become an internet sensation and how to make it as a busker.

Bloc TG4

Liquid Lunch: Bic Razors

A new comedy short from Fox & Blake about “having your quiet time at the pub interrupted”.

Featuring comedian Tom “The Bear” O’Mahony.

Fox & Blake


Owl Wans discuss the March for Choice

By comedy double act Alan and Alan, a.k.a. Triple A

Alan writes:

With the 8th Committee once again in session, and the March4Choice last Saturday, here’s an animation about attitudes on the 8th amendment....It has talking animals, for the kids!

Triple A Comedy

The trailer for Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) recut by Mashable Watercooler as a comedy wherein Jonesy wreaks adorable havoc on board the Nostromo.



Radio Direland writes:

This secret footage leaked from inside Irish Water headquarters reveals plans for a major makeover of the company. Tune in next week for more explosive revelations.

Radio Direland

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 13.13.27

After an extended absence from the ‘sheet, Limerick Peppa and her family return, courtesy of Limrock voiceman Walshunit.

Streaming above is the latest installment of their continued adventures, wherein Daddy Pig gets a video camera. Much cursing ensues.




Coming soon to this site and other social media platforms.

A new five-part comedy web series by Valerie Ní Loinsigh and Eoghan McQuinn. To wit:

Valerie & Eoghan are two drama school drop-outs who assume many uncomfortable positions in life, entry level minimum wage jobs and fetal positions on the couch. Together they must face the economic realities and mental delusions of their mid-20s. Okay fine, late 20s…

Notions (Facebook)



You’ll want to rent a tiny bedsit in the area.

‘Our’ Emily writes:

Above is a flyer for our debut comedy night in The new Bowery venue 196 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6….Acts include John Colleary, Ruth O’Kelly Hunter, Pauline Shanhan and James Moran. It’s in collaboration with Abner Browns. Free in tonight... We are testing it out!


The Bowery Rathmines (Facebook)