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The year 2010 recorded in a composite image of 3,888 photographs taken by Erik Solheim from the window of his apartment in Oslo.

Solheim set up his Canon 400D to record one image every 30 minutes: 16,000 photographs  whittled down to 3,888 from each of which he extracted a one-pixel wide line, then composited the lot (from January on the left to December on the right) using a computer script.

Full sized image here.

The source imagery was later turned into a rolling gif by ReditorITwitchToo.


the sun

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has been watching the sun since the spring of 2010, observing the star’s rise toward solar maximum (the peak of activity in its 11 year cycle).

The video shows the last three years at a a rate of two frames per day. The apparent  increase and decrease in the sun’s size is due to the varying distance between it and the SDO spacecraft.

The top image shows a composite of 25 separate images from April 16, 2012, to April 15, 2013, revealing the most active regions  during this part of the solar cycle.


Photographer and professor of film, Cy Kuckenbaker’s composite video of five hours worth of landings at San Diego airport on Black Friday compressed into 30 seconds.

All planes were shot against a clear blue sky and chroma-keyed together against a cloudy sky background. All inspired, of course, by Ho-Yeol Ryu’s composite of take-offs at Hannover Airport (top pic)


Artist Jim Kazanjian from Portland creates surreally recomposed digital images of architecture, drawing from literary influences like HP Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood.

One art critic describes his work thus:

‘Kazanjian’s aberrations occupy a state of material transience: none of the images qualify as photographs, yet each piece is entirely photographic…built upon the persuasive testimonies of hundreds of anonymous snapshots and photo-documents.’