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Paul Terrell, proprietor of The Byte Shop in Mountain View California, recently released these old Polaroids of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s first computer: the Apple 1, taken in 1976.

At the time, Terrell – whose store was effectively the first Apple dealership – had just taken delivery of the first fifty Apple computers ever made.

CONTEXT: The Man Who Jump-Started Apple (PC World Techblog)


In what was initially thought to be sabotage, the San Diego 4th of July fireworks show, designed to last for 17 minutes, blew itself out in a spectacular 30 seconds. Apparently, a backup computer file overlapped with the primary file to accidentally set off all the fireworks at once.

Videos of the incident have long since gone viral, but if you missed them, this one’s a doozy.

Warning: loud as all hell.

San Diego fireworks fiasco blamed on overzealous computer backup (LA Times)


From the screens of SHIELD’s hovership to the various iterations of Tony Stark’s HUD helmet display, a lot of thought went into the creation of the Avengers’ user interfaces.

Visual artist Jayse Hansen sez:

Included are some partial explanations of how the HUD diagnostic functions Variations of it in ‘all clear’ mode, and a ‘battle mode’, after the suit has suffered damage and new windows have popped up to show depleted weapon stores and hazardous environmentals and general.
The flight menu was designed with input from an A-10 Fighter Pilot. I like to keep my stuff accurate – while still taking design liberties that films afford.
I start all designs on paper so I included some ideas for the dock icons. When I sketch stuff out – I find it important to not use a ruler and give yourself ‘permission to draw badly”. In the final icons, the more detailed versions show system status based on the way they animate.

Cargo Collective has a massive image dump of screens and displays from the series  for your delectation (give it a minute to load).