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Dave Wiskus explores the history of interaction and interface design, from the keyboard and mouse to multitouch, and beyond.


pkFrom the RTE archives, Pat Kenny with a ‘computer’ during one of the General Elections of 1982.

Then it was considered clunky, overpriced and appealing to a tiny niche market.

But enough about Pat.

Name that computer, anyone?

Watch here

Access Main Computer File is a celebration of classic computer interface scenes from Hollywood movies. Once on the site, names and dates appear when you mouse over the stills.


If this looks familiar. It’s meant to. It’s a Notion Ink Adam and it’s a among a dozen or so rivals to the iPad being launched this year.

It will take a lot to make us ditch the iPad (particularly as we don’t have one). But here’s the thing. Design-wise, Apple’s rivals are starting to make their tablets more Appley than Apple. And, if everyone was as fickle as Broadsheet but had money, Jobs might need a new job (see what we did there?).

Below is our favourite. It’s the super skinny QUE proReader (although it functions like an iPad), developed by Plastic Logic. This how the future should look. We need to touch it very badly. Smudgy, smudgy, smudgy.

iPad’s 12 Biggest Rivals (CNBC.com)