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From the official Toy Story Facebook page – a compilation of easter eggs proving finally, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all Pixar films are connected.



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Dan Devane writes:

“Met a distressed postman in the pouring rain [on Saturday], struggling to deliver this letter! This is genuine, and so is the threat to disconnect their power… couldn’t believe it when I saw it.”


Thanks Kevin Feeney

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The Charted Connections Of Rock by Pop Chart Lab – a 1m² infographic featuring links, both direct and tenuous, between 727 music artists.

Explore the full chart here.


In this artful short from the third year students at Gobelins Film School, a man afflicted with ennui (ahh, France) takes the remarkable landscape he travels through for granted.

Finally, a chance encounter presents him with the chance of a human connection.