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The Shaker Hymnnew single and album now on Spotify

What you may need to know…

01. Last we saw of this Cork four-piece, they’d released the vid for single Trophy Child and were preparing for their second full-length.

02. The album, Do You Think You’re Clever?, has since been released, and was accompanied by a spate of Irish gigs that culminated in an appearance at last week’s Body and Soul festival.

03. Streaming above is the band’s newest video clip, for single Another One of You. Projected visuals by Colm O’Herlihy.

04. Do You Think You’re Clever? is finally available on Spotify, for those who are so inclined.

Verdict: A more leisurely-paced number than previous selections, which plays very well to the band’s well-honed pop streak.

The Shaker Hymn

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 15.49.17

Last night.

In Cork city.

It was Bonna Night.

Paddy O’Shea, of Norries from Cork, writes:

These four confident kids on Kilmore Road, in Knocknaheeny, built their own fire and were proud as punch.


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 15.57.29

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 15.58.41

Paddy adds:

Residents of Glen Heights with their communal bonfire (top). They arranged their own wardens and controlled it. This was probably the biggest fire, hitting about 20 feet at its peak. Above are two residents of Knocknaheeny posing with a shoe they found to throw into the fire.


Thanks Paddy



What you may need to know

01. Decent Irish hip-hop with an avant-garde tinge from young, Cork-based producer SCOUNDRELL.

02. One of a multitude of projects emerging from one of an innovative and prolific group of young musicians/meme-peddlers in Cork City, SCOUNDRELL takes grime and hip-hop and puts them through some very odd filters.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is Black Box Renaissance, a collection of demos and other bits assembled from quick-and-dirty productions from the past few weeks.

04. Also available is the Lithic EP, a rather more concise exercise in darker electronics.

Verdict: A mad confab of low-key beats and experimentation, well worth the trip for anyone so inclined.


Photo 1 by Iza Szczutkowska 2014

Sky, Horse and Deathdebut album released last week

What you may need to know…

01. Sky, Horse and Death is an outfit for Altered Hours guitarist Kevin Terry and collaborators’ sonic investigations into the paranormal.

02. Debut album Music for Karla Turner is a tribute to the late academic, author and (alleged) abductee.

03. Streaming above is the album in its entirety, available now online via KantCope records.

04. Cassettes also available, as with all KantCope releases, from their Bandcamp and instore at PLUGD Records.

Verdict: Intense stuff to say the least, but another reason to pay attention to Cork music’s fertile and wildly imaginative outer reaches at present.

Sky, Horse and Death



A cracked traffic light on the junction of Blarney Street and Shanakiel Road [Cork] is casting an eerie glow onto the face of Christ on the cross at the adjacent grotto.

Believed to have appeared on the weekend of Corpus Christi, the site has now attracted people to pray there after dark, when the light is most prominent.

‘Local man Terry’ said:

“The light crosses the road, goes up at a 45 degree angle. It starts out as a pin and then it gets bigger like a projector and shines up onto the cross. It picks out only the figure on the cross.”

God Giving Cork The Green Light? (Cork Evening Echo)

Pic Denis Scannel via Evening Echo


FIXITYCork percussionist leads sonic explorations

What you may need to know…

01. More improv from Leeside courtesy of drummer extraordinaire Dan Walsh and an assortment of collaborators.

02. He of The Great Balloon Race, Cork Improvised Music Club, jazz night Blue Note, and formerly of a million other bands and outfits, both as composer and session performer, of course.

Streaming above in its entirety is his new album Fixity, released on tape label KantCope.

04. Appearing last night as part of the label’s triple album launch at St. Luke’s in Cork, Fixity “represents the beginning of a project that will manifest itself in many ways”, according to Walsh himself.

Verdict: One of the country’s most prodigiously talented percussionists continues to explore his and his collaborators’ horizons.


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.24.54

Top: Michele Giansanti and his boyfriend Robert Nagle

Michele Giansanti told PJ Coogan on Cork’s 96FM this morning that he was refused a haircut at Poyraz barbers in Daunt’s Square, Cork.

He believes he was refused because he’s gay.

A woman, called Mary, claimed her 13-year-old son Thomas was also refused. She believes he was turned away because he has cerebral palsy.

Thomas was using a wheelchair on the particular day he tried to get a haircut.

From this morning’s show…

PJ Coogan: “You were turned out of this particular hairdressing salon. Why, Michele?”

Michele Giansanti: “Yes I was. That was a few days ago. I needed a haircut. My boyfriend came with me because he wanted to explain the guy, who was cutting my hair, what kind of style he wanted for me. He was doing that and while he was doing that, the man interrupted him and he said to us, ‘you may want to get it done next door, thank you very much’. The point is that I was going to this barber for months on my own and the second that I went to this place with my boyfriend, he had a problem with it.”

Coogan: “So you’re fairly sure that the minute he realised you were gay, he was chucking you out.”

Giansanti: “You can’t have physical evidence of that but I’m gay so I’m pretty sure that was the reason. And then the second we stepped out of the place, my boyfriend called a friend to tell them what happened to the result that my boyfriend’s friend had the very same experience in the very same place from the very same person. He was kicked out because it was claimed that his hair was too short and he didn’t need a haircut at all.”


Coogan: “This is Poyraz Turkish Barbers in Daunt’s Square. Fergal [Fergal Barry, a 96FM reporter] you went down there yesterday afternoon?”

Fergal Barry: “I went down there and the first time I passed by, they seemed busy so I said I won’t be annoying them when they’re very busy. I came back and there was nobody in there. I went in and I explained that I was from 96FM, it was a radio station and he nodded, he seemed to recognise who I was talking about and I said we’d made efforts to contact him by phone with regard to a complaint from a man who felt that he didn’t get a haircut because he was gay and a woman whose child didn’t get a haircut and she felt it was because of his disability.”

“So he nodded and then the next thing was he caught me, he pushed me out of the premises..”

Coogan: “Aggressively?”

Barry: “Not very violently, no, to be fair, it didn’t hurt, but if I had resisted, it would have hurt you know? And so I said, right, well, that’s the end of that. And I went around the corner and I just had this sense that there was something happening behind me.”

Coogan: “You were on Castle Street?”

Barry: “I was on Castle Street at this stage. And I turned around and he was behind me and the way we turned around, our shoulders made contact and I had my phone in my hand at this stage and because of the way we made contact, I actually managed to turn off the phone and then he said to me: ‘You don’t come back to me no more’. And I said: ‘You don’t accost me in the street, that’s not how it works’.”

Thanks Dee

Meanwhile, on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 16.39.18


Salon 33 (Facebook)

Pic: Robin Parmar

Roslyn Steer – launching new album You’ll Know next month

What you may need to know…

01. Cork-resident singer-songwriter Roslyn Steer stretches that oft ill-fitting label to breaking point, taking in noise, drone and psychedelia on her adventures.

Formerly of Saint Yorda and also currently of Crevice and Morning Veils, she’s been prodigiously busy in recent times solo, releasing last album Still Moving less than a year ago.

03. Streaming above is said debut record in its entirety, released on her own label, Kant Cope.

Next appearing to launch You’ll Know as part of her label’s triple album-launch show at St. Luke’s in Cork city, alongside new projects Fixity and Sky, Horse and Death, both unveiling themselves and releasing cassettes on the night.

A joy to watch live, slowly becoming more and more entranced over the course of a set, to the point of appearing almost to be elsewhere. Mesmerising.

Roslyn Steer


Shookrahannounced for Quarter Park Party

What you may need to know…

01. Multiple-headed prog-soul outfit Shookrah have been turning heads for the past few years now.

02. Debuting as Moustache Latte in 2013, the band had a brief run under the name before regrouping the follow year under their current moniker, in time to launch their Implicit Content EP. Festival appearances have followed, including Electric Picnic and Knockanstockan.

03. Singer Senita is also busy with other projects, including Lakerama and appearances with Daithi and Le Galaxie. You may also recognise the drummer.

04. Streaming above is I’ve Had a Nice Time, Thanks, filmed live in the intimate surrounds of Cork’s Mother Jones’ Flea Market.

05. Appearing next at Quarter Park Party, an all-dayer (and sister fest to Quarter Block Party) put on by the all-round wonderful folk at Quarter and Southern Hospitality Board in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork on July 23rd.

Verdict: Genuinely soulful harmonies and impeccable musicianship, meet whip-crack tunes.