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On Cork’s 96 FM this morning.

Cork-based singer Karen Underwood explains why, as a black American, the confederate flag used by GAA fans supporting the ‘rebel county’ is offensive.


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Meanwhile, from Dundalk, Co. Louth last night…

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They say the best way to learn a new language is to interact with native speakers, but if you don’t have the cash to jet off halfway around the globe, then iOS app YoLanger has you covered.

Like Snapchat for learning languages, YoLanger allows users to practice a foreign language by sending text, photo or video messages through to a random native speaker who will then receive it, leave feedback and help them improve on their skills.

Fair enough.

YoLanger is Like Snapchat for Learning Languages (LifeHacker)

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Stop them.

They’re attacking Democracy

Word On The Street Ireland writes:

“A large number of people turned out to protest against the set up of Irish Water [in Cork] on Saturday. The protestors met near the library on the Grand Parade and then marched down the South Mall, along Merchant’s Quay, up St. Patrick’s Street and back to the Grand Parade. This video portrays views from the ordinary people in the march.”

One man told Word On The Street Ireland (at 10.07):

“My father had a stroke, god rest him, the services weren’t there then, the services aren’t there now. And when my father had a stroke, and it distresses me, and there’s no fault now to the staff in CUH [Cork University Hospital]. My father was on a trolley for 24 hours, after a stroke. He wanted to relieve himself, which is one of the symptoms of stroke apparently. And the nurse handed me a pigeon and I had to hold my father’s privates out in the middle of CUH, as people were passing by. I’ll remember that to the day I die. And the situation has not improved. We’re giving money to the bankers, the hospitals are suffering, the nurses are protesting and there’s plenty of money there. As was said earlier, they’re burning €500million, here at the Central Bank – €500million for the next infinite number of years. Could that money not be diverted to pay for the health service?”

H/T: Grant March