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From the campaign trail this morning.

Protestors surround Taoiseach Enda Kenny as he arrives on South Main Street, Cork ahead of the launch of the Cork Events Centre.

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This morning.

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Support for Kathleen Lynch in north Cork city



Chris O’Halloran writes:

This December my self publishing group, Turncoat Press, are releasing our latest comic book. It is title Last Rebel and features the hurley wielding hero, Jenny. The comic is set in a post apocalyptic Cork City where gangs terrorise the decreased and poorly population, as well as mutated animals, including cheetahs and a giant swan.

We will be having a release event in Waterstone’s on Patricks St on Saturday, December 5, from 2:30pm to celebrate. The stories contain many Cork locations including St.Patrick Street, Shandon and Fota. The writers and artists are all Irish based and mostly in Cork.

MORE: Last Rebel (Turncoat Press)


Cork Circuit Court

RTE journalist Brian O’Connell attended Cork Circuit Court yesterday where there were more than 100 home repossession cases listed. He spoke with some of the people who were going before the court for the Today With Seán O’Rourke show this morning.

After hearing people tell their personal stories, Mr O’Rourke asked if anyone had been evicted during yesterday’s proceedings.

Seán O’Rourke: “As a matter of interest, were there cases where people were evicted from their homes or where their homes were repossessed against their will?”

Brian O’Connell: “Not yesterday, Seán. I suppose it was the first day back so people were telling me, legal people I spoke to said, it was unlikely any order would have been made yesterday. That they’d put it back to December. They’re expecting November, December to start seeing those cases, sometimes they’re grouped together.”

Early election so.

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A Syria-born man (above), who does not wish to be identified, has been living in Ireland for 13 years and was recently reunited with his wife and son when they moved here under a Government reunification scheme.

The man has a business in Cork and is now an Irish citizen.

He spoke with journalist Brian O’Connell on RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke yesterday.

He said since his wife arrived, she has been subjected to harassment and abuse and that she hasn’t left her house in several weeks.

“My wife, she says, “if I’m dying in Syria better than being like this situation by racism”. It’s very, very hard for her. She miscarried last week from this. They knock on the door every time, they frighten her, they shout at her when I am not at home, they shout in [through] the door, they throw rocks.”

“Last week, she miscarried from this situation, she was pregnant, you know. She was only five weeks’ pregnant…[After living in Ireland for 13 years] I have had too many [such experiences] but now it’s getting worse… because my [Muslim] wife she has a veil. In this area, I think, they’re not used to see something like this because it’s, I don’t know, strange for them. That’s why it’s so hard, they keep staring at her.”

….Every two or three days, they throw rubbish in my garden, say very bad words to me, very, very bad words. And one neighbour he told me, “Go home to your country, you’re rats, you this, you that”. I don’t want to say it on the radio….”


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Meanwhile, from Dundalk, Co. Louth last night…

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