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RTE reports:

Gardaí in Cork are investigating the death of a woman in her 40s whose body was found on a street in the city centre at around 11am this morning.

It is believed that the woman had been sleeping rough.

Gardaí do not believe at this stage that the cause of the woman’s death is suspicious.

Body of homeless woman found on street in Cork (RTE)

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Pic: Pierce Kennedy

Tommy_Thinks tweetz:

Arra lads this #Brexit Border milarky is gettin outta hand so tis…How can no one agree on the shaggin border?…ChrisHt lads tis as simple as this now…


Outside Turners Cross Stadium…

Stay safe.

Via Rory James O’Neill



 Washington Street, Cork

Jonathan writes:

Another protected structure being wrecked in Cork. This time by the giant Reardens Group, who have taken it upon themselves to demolish old brickwork in a landmark protected building on Washington Street to install ugly concrete slabs for smokers to sit on. No planning permission. Save Cork City!