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Ross Coughlan writes:

“A cow outside Neary’s [off Grafton Street] just now.”





Damian Kearney (left) and Stephen Jones with Rhonda promoting Stones In Your Pocket, which opens at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, next Tuesday.

(Sasko lazarov/Photocall Ireland).




Moscow-based Youtuber Gary Bu was flying his camera-equipped RC plane in a field when it crashed.

In the four hours it took him to locate the disabled aircraft, some cows ate it.


ifjRosscarbery, West Cork yesterday.

Maura Fay writes:

Maybe of interest…it’s kind of a “Bovine Baywatch” story!

The incident occurred yesterday when a cow fell off a cliff at Rosscarbery Pier but was rescued by local swimmers who were attending water safety lessons.

The swimmers successfully aided the cow to swim across the pier to the edge of the beach.

Local rumour has it that the cow was asked to moove over…


Poor thing must have been Friesian.

Irish Farmers Journal (Facebook)

Photo: Katie Shanahan

Meanwhile in Siberia, to mark the upcoming Chinese Year of the Snake, Yolba native Mikhail Bopposov sculpted this huge spitting cobra from 400kg of frozen cowshit. Last year he a made a dragon, previously he made a Russian tank. It’s not art, he maintains:

“I made it so the kids could play around and have some fun,”

Good times.


(Hat tip: Sheila Larkin)