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Rugbaí Bó [Rugby Cows].

The new Monkey Tennis?

Caroline Ní Dhubhchoi, of TG4’s BLOC, writes:

A short animated skit that may enlighten all those rugby fans who have been disappointed with the cancellation of this weekend’s PRO 14 Rugby….

BLOC (Facebook)

Mis of cowshions(1)SHELLEY -PANDORA(1)


Charmaine Kenny  at the Irish Workshop [online home of Irish crafts and whatnot], writes:

It’s udderly ridiculous how crazy we are about cows here at The Irish Workshop; it’s just that cows are very amoosing and we’re particularly fond of Brigid Shelly’s ‘cowshions’.

Many of the designs are inspired by her bovine neighbours where she lives in Waterford.

Take for example Pandora  (above in pink) – she is born and reared in Ardmore on Joe Murphy’s farm down the road from Brigid. She isn’t your typical country cow. A self-proclaimed fashionista, she enjoys the finer things in life and has a weakness for single malt whiskey….


The Irish Workshop

Irish made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stuff’




You too, cow persons.

Edward Smyda-Homa writes:

I took my camera to the Tullamore National Livestock Show [Co Offaly]  yesterday and made a short film to capture the grooming, fun, and competition that went on.



Shane Griffin writes:

Watching TV the other day with my dad – a vet- who noticed a remarkable achievement in the McDonalds ‘beef’ ad, that runs to the Cheers theme tune. During the forty second clip, as McDonalds sell their wholesome Irish beef, we are given scenes of muddy Irish farms, grassy boreens and vast, VAST green fields but….no cows. At the end of the ad- and this must have been quite the logistical feat- he looks out over what seems at least a thousand acres of agricultural land, with not a cow in sight. One presumes they had been packed off on the first train to burgerville. McDonalds must have decided that audiences would not like to connect Daisy alive on their TV with the patty, packed in lettuce and buns, in their greasy hands. This contrasts strongly with other post-Horsemeat ads about Irish beef. Lidl, Aldi and Tesco are all happy to present Daisy relaxing with an earthy Irish farmer one moment and then packed in a cellophane sleeve for your convenience later in the ad.

90305305 90305311 90305313 90305320 90305321And their livestock.

Scenes from the farmers protest today on Kildare Street against CAP reforms.

Name those breed of cows/bulls/sheep, anyone?

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


Not quite, caller.

Despite appearances, these cows are not wearing jetpacks. They are having their flatulence measured by Teagasc, Ireland’s Agricultural and Food Development Authority. Teagasc hopes to find a way to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions without cutting milk production.



Sensors Measure Cow Flatulence – For Science (Julie Sklar, New Scientist)

(Pic: Mark Thiessen/National Geographic)

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