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Behold the card to end all cards, with a catch.

Swyp is a credit card sized metal device that stores all your debit, credit, loyalty and gift cards. It’s accepted everywhere and works with a companion app to track your purchasing behaviour.

The catch, for now, is that it’s limited to cards issued in the US.


The EU-IMF troika has raised the prospect of a new line of “comfort funding” for the Government to ensure there is no disruption to the public finances at the end of the bailout.

Under scrutiny in advance of the 10-day mission, which begins next Tuesday, is whether additional steps should be taken to ensure a smooth exit from the bailout in the autumn.

This question centres on the possibility of the troika providing a new line of credit to the Government as it attempts a full return to private debt markets.

More credit? Well, that’s comforting.

Troika raises possibility of ‘comfort funding’ (Arthur Beesley, Derek Scally, Irish Times)

(Pic: Laurent Gillieron/KEYSTONE, via Associated Press)