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Tom writes:

Those fold away kids (crying) chairs…

The TV…

No access to the garden…

I think this used to be a crèche…


Huxley Crescent, Dublin 8 (MyHome)



Won’t someone think of the renters children?

Studio flat in Inchicore, Dublin 8, on Daft.

For €160 a week.

DD writes:

“All mod cons including crying barstool…”

Inchicore Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 (Daft.ie)

Previously: Can’t Buy, Can’t Rent


Andor writes:

It’s now €800 a month to live in an attic Mon-Thurs with no overnight visitors.. but you have a sauna.

Negotiating that place with drink on would be difficult.

Ham Street, Dublin 8 (Daft)

A map of Dublin rent increases

You paid HOW much?

David Hartery writes:

Doing a little experiment with the Campaign for Public Housing. Can you add your last few addresses and what the rent you paid to rent those rooms were at that time to this map (interactive here) so we can start to build a picture of how rents increased per property over time?

There is meant to be a four per cent rent cap in ‘rent pressure zones’ and we are trying to identify landlords who are increasing the rent beyond that level — without carrying out substantial renovations or otherwise improving the property to the point that an increase of about four per cent is justified.

By adding in these prices we can look to see who the most greedy landlords are – as well as giving a resource to all tenants to fight back against grasping landlords.

Simply add your rent to the marker that is already there – or add a marker for your address – and then we will start to populate the map with as many rental prices as we can find.

Crowdsourcing A Picture Of Dublin Rent Increases

Thanks Dr Evan Keane

Studio flat, Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6

What is it? I want to say “a corridor”, but corridors necessarily have more space than this, to walk down, so actually I’m going to revise that definition to “a cluttered corridor”;

Where is it? In Dublin, again, a place that has very quietly become a sort of Bermuda Triangle of bad rental opportunities at even worse prices than in London, so much so that we may as well declare it “second London” and raze it to the ground appropriately;

Dublin Rental Opportunity of the Week: A Corridor for £660 (Vice)

Dinger writes:

The Dublin rental market mess is now international entertainment…


DD writes:

How helpful that the plans for this mansion are included in the advert. Just in case you require confirmation of exactly how small it is.

35 Synge Street, Portobello, Dublin 8 (Daft)