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Behold: the Maxlider 4 Door 1966 Ford Bronco – Ford’s original and now classic SUV (which only ever came in a 2 door configuration) reworked by Maxlider Brothers Customs with a stretched 4 door chassis, six-speed transmission and a 670bhp supercharged Coyote engine under the bonnet.


The ‘Deathstar’ 1954 Corvette Convertible – based on(but with little remaining of) the original 1954 Corvette.

Timeless Kustoms have added a C6 ZR1 LS9 600bhp crate motor and a fibreglass shell over a modern space frame chassis.


Behold: the Airforce by superbly named UK custom bike maker Death Machines Of London – a one-off, heavily modified early 80s Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk II.

A tribute to Moto Guzzi co-founder Giovanni Ravelli, everything bar the forks and frame of the donor bike has been custom made from hand-beaten aluminium with one-off shifter and brake lever designs, with closely adherence to a ‘What would Giovanni do?’ sensibility.


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The Bentley X Bamford Mulsanne Speed – a one-off custom by (and for) George Bamford of the UK-based luxury timepiece personaliser (yes, such services exist) Bamford Watch Department.

Bamford’s ‘dark Bentley’ uses Miltary Grade Titanium Coating and Graphite Particle Coating with blacked out wing vents and grille, a ‘darkware’ interior including seats covered in leather and anthracite cloth with a carbon fibre watch case in place of the usual cocktail compartment.

Steady on.


snakearm2snakearmcrystallineleg2crystallinelegstereo-leg-3stereo-leg-1The Alternative Limb Project offers, well, alternatives to the common or garden prostetics available to amputees and those with missing limbs looking to make more of a statement. ALP sez:

The Alternative Limb Project offers a personal and friendly bespoke service, which provides unique prosthetics  to blend in with the body or stand out as a unique piece of art, reflecting the wearer’s imagination, personality and interests.  We will involve the wearer in all stages of the process from conception of ideas to the final work. An alternative-style limb can help to break down social barriers, delight the eye and provide an unusual talking point.

(Above: the Snake Arm, the Crystalline Leg and a steampunk-style limb created for and modeled by singer Viktoria Modesta.)