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Dublin: €1,822, up 10.9%
Cork: €1,180, up 7.7%
Galway: €1,096, up 12.4%
Limerick: €1,004, up 14.8%
Waterford: €835, up 12.1%
Rest of the country: €860, up 9.8%

Daft’s last quarterly rent report of 2017.

Rents rose by an average of 10.4% last year, while the mean monthly rent during the final quarter of 2017 was €1,227.

Meanwhile, there were 3,100 properties available to rent at the beginning of February.

Good times.

Rents rise 10.4% as average price hits €1,227 (Aengus Cox, RTÉ)

Reach for the fridge.

From your bed.

Jaded House Hunter writes:

At least Conerney Estate Agents are “delighted” to present this sad room for €800 per month, because the rest of us certainly aren’t!! For them to use the words ‘fabulous’ and ‘pristine’ to describe this room is nothing short of disgraceful!

Kenilworth Park, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6w (Daft)

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.44.07 Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.44.22 Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.44.51 Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.45.06


Doood writes:

What’s going on here? Front room looks like it’s seen a sesh or two. The rest looks like it’s seen mass…

Asking price?

Half a mil.

St Alban’s Road, South City Centre, Dublin 8 (Daft.ie)



Anon writes:

House for sale with existential man thrown in – no need for credit  – don’t want anyone knowing I dream of moving to the back arse of Wicklow…

N25 Potters Point, Ballinacarrig, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow (Daft)



Harelawn Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

It’s a Marilyn mansion.

Marilyn Manson.

Never mind.

Lot 1 – House at 44 Harelawn Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 (Daft)

Thanks Gary Byrne



Enjaye writes:

Check out this dump. €850 a month for this gateway to hell. Wouldn’t put a dog in there. Nerve of whoever is looking to exploit desperate renters by describing it as a …

‘…Beautiful apartment to let in a clean, quiet, well maintained house on North Circular Road. Studio apartment. Newly painted and decorated. Totally self contained. Fully fitted kitchen with microwave, oven, washer/dryer. En suite attached. Suit single person only.’

Stiudio: North Circular Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7 (Daft)


Rental prices increased throughout 2016 at their fastest annual pace since the website daft.ie started compiling statistics on the rental market in 2002.

Average rents nationwide rose by 13.5% in the year to December, according to the latest report from the property website.

At €1,111, the average monthly rent nationwide is at a new high, the third successive quarter with a record high according to daft.ie.

The annual rate of rental inflation in Dublin is running ahead of the national figure at 14.5%.

The average monthly rent in the capital, at over €1,650, is now almost €200 higher than the last peak in early 2008, despite the subsequent property crash and a sustained period of low inflation in the interim…

The Daft Rental Report

Rents increasing at record pace, report finds (RTÉ)

Graphs via Daft