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28c1b759f3b06aeccc2ca89561c36899f5cc88f9A mere twentieth of the  recent gif-a-day-for-100-days self-challenge (using After Effects, Photoshop, Houdini and Real Flow) by motion graphics designer Nicola Gastaldi.

See them all here.


beeple-1 beeple-2 beeple-4 beeple-5 beeple-7 beeple-9

Randonm selections from graphic designer Mark ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann’s 9-year, ongoing digital-illustration-a -day project.

More here.

MORE: Mark Winkelmann Has Spent The Last Decade Drawing an Image A Day (i09)


An eyeball-teasing compation of clips from every animation made for the #365rounds project – a daily animation/sketch/photograph challenge started early in 2013 by Mexican motion graphics artist Carlos ‘Yimbo’ Escárrega.

Music: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala