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Samantha Libreri tweetz:

Dancing at the crossroad. Gerry Adams dances with Mayo candidate Rose Conway-Walsh in Killasser, Mayo.

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danceFuzzy Wobble’s Gif Dance Party will now waste minutes – possibly many minutes – of your valuable time as you line up your fantasy dance team (including such luminaries as Spongebob, BMO from Adventure Time, The Worm, 8-bit Carlton Banks, Forever Alone Guy and the Prancercise Lady), resize them, adjust the music, tweak the background, then let them at it.


Uploader lekenny83 explains:

The German moderators discusses in the beginning how boring and lame the official looks are and that the fashion designers came up with the following outfits to make the game more interesting and colourful. They explain in great detail how the colours look since at the point many did not have colour TV!

Verdammten hipsters.