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And having a pretty good time.

Ger Duffy writes:

Test spot for Levi’s – Dave Tynan’s follow up to his short film Just Saying which went viral earlier this year, shot on and off over 7 months in 2 countries, from Donegal to Brixton and everywhere in between, using 3 stylists, 11 pairs of Levi’s, a 200 year old poem, 3 models and loads of mates – and of course lots of favours.


Fair play though, in fairness

I’m just saying you might get sick of the wet weeks, 
the wet jeans, wet socks, wet funerals and wet streets
 and it’s all getting a little harder to justify, roaring ‘We Are Your Friends’ at heads you don’t know in a gaff you’ve never been before
 and you never will be again, as London and Sydney swallow your mates;
 Any craic? No, youse fucked off.

Just Saying.

A crowd-funded spoken word video by Dave Tynan.

Mike Donnelly writes:

Really great little short about emigration. Pretty apt at the moment and I think it sums the feelings of a generation quite well. Written and Directed by Dublin native (soon to be London bound) David Tynan.

Conor Horgan adds:

Poignant, witty and moving, with a spot-on ending.


Produced by Kennedy Films Ltd


Dave Tynan (Fundit)