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David Bowie-Pallas Athena

By Cathal Manning.

50 x 40cm oil on canvas using bowie palette knife.

David Bowie: Ten things we’ve learned since his death (BBC)

Pallas Athena?


The second annual Dublin Bowie Festival happens on the 5th to the 10th of January next year, with the festival closing on the first anniversary of the Thin White Duke’s passing.

Music, movies, debate and tributes aplenty will spread to venues all over Dublin, in celebration of the man’s life and work, with Nialler9 picking his highlights over at his site.

Not to be missed are talks with playwright/Lazarus stage-show co-author Enda Walsh, and a vigil on the 10th to mark Bowie’s passing, with Bowie Raw performing acoustically, and space/time available for anyone that wishes to convey their feelings onstage through song or spoken word.

Dublin Bowie Festival


Dott- Heroes

Anna writes:

We are giving away a free download of our cover of Heroes by David Bowie for Record Store Day 2016 and ahead of our performance at An Evening of David Bowie in The Cracker Factory, NY on April 29th.
Dott moved from Ireland to Toronto, Canada this year and have evolved into a two-piece band. They have been experimenting with drum loops and home-recordings which will very soon culminate in the release of new material. New songs and US Tour dates to be announced very soon….

Dott (Facebook)


Hot tramp he loved us so.

Liggy Stardust writes:

Still in mourinng for David Bowie I came upon this live version of the great man [singing Rebel Rebel] at The Point, Dublin in 2004. Listen to what he has to say right at the end [in Irish]. Up the Republic. Vote Sinn Dáme…



David Bowie oil painting by Cathal Manning.

At The Kildare Gallery, Carton House, Maynooth, Co Kildare.

The Kildare Gallery

Cathal Manning?

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‘sup Zig?

Illustrator Gary Reddin writes:

I know it’s a little late but I just finished this tribute portrait of David Bowie (above)….rebel, hero, starman…


Gary Reddin (Facebook)

David Bowie ‘died from liver cancer’ after ‘surviving six heart attacks’, reports say (NME)

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