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A Thonesfographic by Fishfinger, detailing the cruel fate of main characters in the course of season’s 1-4 of Game of Thrones.

See also: the Game Of Thrones Season Chronology, and the Game of Thrones Interactive Character Map.

Gigantic spoiler alert (unless you’ve already seen Seasons 1 to 4 in their entirety) – graphic after the jump.


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[From top: The front pages of today's Diario Catarinense, published in Florianópolis, Brazil; Milenio Novedades, published in Yucatán, Mexico; Público Milenio, published in Guadalajara, Mexico; La Prensa, published in Panama City, Panama; Peru.21, published in Lima, Peru; and Hoy, a Spanish newspaper published in Chicago, Illinois, USA]

Latin American press react to the death of Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, who died yesterday, aged 87, as a result of complications from pneumonia.

Latin America reacts to death of literary colossus Gabriel García Márquez (Guardian)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez top 10 quotes (Telegraph)

Pics: Newseum