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Oisin O’Callaghan writes:

My friends had a specially made flag for the Euros stolen from them last night in the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua during the friendly (vs tHolland). The flag was hanging over stand 516 (on the southside of the stadium) and was gone when they went to collect it at the end.

The lads toured all over Europe during the qualifiers and were among the first to book tickets for France, they had the flag made especially for the Euros and are obviously gutted. Would really appreciate if your readers could share to help them get it back.


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This morning.

Shannon Airport, Co Clare.

Peace writes:

This morning at approx 6am there was a faith based action at Shannon Airport by Dave Donnellan and Colm Roddy in response to Ireland’s continuing support of US wars conducted in the middle east.

They entered the airfield and walked the length of the main runway (taking approx half an hour) spraying it with red crosses to represent all the innocent blood spilt by these wars. Two planes consecutively took off without them being detected until they reached a US military Lear jet, where they were arrested…

Afri ireland (Facebook)



Annie West writes:

Thanks to the gifted Sligo photographer James Connolly we can now bring you the Benbulben 1916 flag…



The flag up close.

The reason?

As part of our ongoing centenary celebrations, some members of the Fr Michael O’Flanagan Memorial Group made it to the summit of Benbulben at lunchtime on Easter Monday to fly a tri-colour.

Fr O’Flanagan instigated the seditious practice of displaying the tri-colour in Cliffoney in the summer of 1915.

In her book Crossing Highbridge, Maureen Waters describes how her father, a member of the Grange Volunteers, climbed Benbulben and planted a tri-colour there in 1916 to let the people of North Sligo know the Rising had begun.

Cliffoney Remembers Fr Michael O’Flanagan (Facebook)

Thanks David Lawless



A defiant self-pleasuring device for the lonely patriot.

Sex Siopa’s Shawna Scott writes:

I chose to commemorate 1916 the only way I know how…with an Irish flag dildo specially custom made for Sex Siopa by our friends at BS Atelier. Till the end of 2016, €5 from each sale will be donated to the Abortion Rights Campaign.

The future I want to see for Ireland is one in which the women of this country are trusted to make informed healthcare decisions for themselves, and our doctors are protected under the law. If you trust women, the 8th Amendment needs to be repealed.

Available here: Sex Siopa

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This morning.

South Georges Street, Dublin

A new mural to mark International Women’s Day and 1916..

Darragh writes:

Irish artist Gearoid O’Dea has installed a 35 foot street art installation inspired by the Women of 1916. The installation is on the corner of South Great George’s Street, the same location as Joe Caslin’s iconic Marriage Equality mural.

The title of Gearoid’s piece is ‘Le Chéile I Ngruaig’, which translates as ‘Together in the hair’. It features three women who each played an important role in the Easter Rising: Countess Markievicz (left), Margaret Pearse (right) and Grace Gifford-Plunkett (bottom). The piece was drawn in full colour using the mediums of colouring pencil and gouache, with a focus on meticulous detail. It was then scanned and digitally reproduced on a large scale….

Gearóid O’Dea

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews



Ah here.

Thanks Kathleen

Etsy Ireland logo

Patrick’s Day gifts?

Oh go on then.

Claire Kamber writes:

I am writing on behalf of the Etsy Ireland Team, because I get the fun jobs :) Our Team represents and supports crafters, artisans and designers who are from Ireland, or living in Ireland, and who have ‘up-and-running’ Etsy shops.

We are a nationwide team of individuals who hand make very lovely things. Below are just three items for St Patrick’s Day in green, white and orange….More items at link below.

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1. Green guitar pick up

2. Chunky Neckwarmer

3. Irish proverb card

Etsy Ireland