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From top: Sylda Fleming; Eileen Rowder; above from left: Jenny Cairns; Mel Cairns, Ken Cairns and Stephen Cairns.

The Cairns family.

Purveyors of distinctive defiant tricolours for more than half a century.

Mark writes:

Prospect Designs company off Camden Street in Dublin have been making flags for over fifty years and are the official manufacturer of the Irish flags.  A family-run business Ken Cairns said anytime you see a Government Minister in their office with the Irish flag behind them, also the flags for the President’s office and the flag flying at the top of the GPO it was made in Prospect Designs. They’ve produced Irish flags which have ended up on Mount Everest, in the North Pole, in the Palaces of Arabian Princes and even in outer space. And also the  famous ‘Angela Merkel thinks we’re working’ flag during Euro 2012…

Prospect Designs

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


This afternoon.

Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny and Tanaiste and Labour Party Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton speak to the media on the ‘Government Progress Report on Recovery’ at Government Buildings.

The harp podium-filled hoo ha marks the Government’s fourth year in office and outlined report on progress made in relation to the ‘Agreed Programme for Government and the Statement of Government Priorities 2014′,

As well as outlining priorities for the next 12 months.


(Photocall Ireland)