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From the people behind the Video That Does Not Exist

A ‘Defiant’, chirpier return.

Rory Walsh writes:

After becoming thoroughly downhearted while making one of our last projects we here at Spire Productions decided we would like to make something a bit more positive at the earliest opportunity.

So we took our cameras down to Scoil Chaitríona national school in Renmore, Galway a few months back and made a mini documentary called Up She Flew.
It documents the presentation of our national flag and a copy of the 1916 proclamation to the students as well as the raising of the flag on Proclamation day.

Up she flew will become part of our next full length documentary ‘Green Towards the Head’ which will explore modern Irish life through the eye’s of people with connections to our national flag.

If any of your readers have some sort of connection to the Irish flag, we would love to hear from them at spirefilm@gmail.com

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Oisin O’Callaghan writes:

My friends had a specially made flag for the Euros stolen from them last night in the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua during the friendly (vs tHolland). The flag was hanging over stand 516 (on the southside of the stadium) and was gone when they went to collect it at the end.

The lads toured all over Europe during the qualifiers and were among the first to book tickets for France, they had the flag made especially for the Euros and are obviously gutted. Would really appreciate if your readers could share to help them get it back.


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This morning.

Shannon Airport, Co Clare.

Peace writes:

This morning at approx 6am there was a faith based action at Shannon Airport by Dave Donnellan and Colm Roddy in response to Ireland’s continuing support of US wars conducted in the middle east.

They entered the airfield and walked the length of the main runway (taking approx half an hour) spraying it with red crosses to represent all the innocent blood spilt by these wars. Two planes consecutively took off without them being detected until they reached a US military Lear jet, where they were arrested…

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