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Translation, anyone?




This afternoon.

Danish fans getting ripped off enjoying the craic in Temple Bar, Dublin 2 ahead of tonight’s World Cup football qualifier against the Republic of Ireland.


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This afternoon.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Visitors Danny Raahauge with Erik Möller (right) begin an expensive round at the Oliver St John Giogarty  ahead of Republic of Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Denmark tomorrow night at the Aviva.

Never forget Wood Quay.


Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Second Captains tweet:

Let the unlikely combo of Tom Petty and James McClean boost your 🇮🇪🇩🇰 countdown routine #COYBIG


Inside the Danish parliament Christianborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark

Luke Harding, in The Guardian, reports:

Denmark has become the first country in the world to apparently buy data from the Panama Papers leak, and now plans to investigate whether 500-600 Danes who feature in the offshore archive may have evaded tax.

Denmark’s tax minister, Karsten Lauritzen, said he will pay up to DKK9m (£1m) for the information, which comes from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. He said an anonymous source approached the Danish government over the summer.

The source sent over an initial sample of documents and the government reviewed them. After concluding they were genuine, it secretly negotiated support for the controversial deal from political parties in parliament, the minister said.

Everything suggests that it is useful information. We owe it to all Danish taxpayers who faithfully pay their taxes,” Lauritzen said, admitting that he had originally been “very wary”.

He added: “The material contains relevant and valid information about several hundred Danish taxpayers.”

There you go now.

Panama Papers: Denmark buys leaked data to use in tax evasion inquiries (The Guardian)

Pic: Wikipedia

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They see them pollin’.

They hatin’.

Laura, of Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Club, writes:

Just some of the photos the girls took of Danish General Election posters. It should be noted that all the candidates are ridiculously good looking and young, not one TD type between them…

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The Guardian: Danish cowboy bares all in bid to be prime minister



Top: Dort and Dom Kelly and from left: Jake, Luke and Josh. Above: Danish newspaper Nordjyeske .

An expat in trouble…

Sheila Larkin  writes:

These are my good friends Dorte and her husband Dom Kelly. I first met Dorte in 1999 when she lived and worked here in Dublin. She was one of the nicest people working in HMV on Henry Street. She met her future husband Dom, who originates from Tallaght. They moved to Dorte’s home country of Denmark in 2003 and they got married in 2004.They have since had the wonderful Luke (aged 3) and twins Jake & Josh (aged 18 months).
Recently Dorte had invasive surgery to remove 3/4 of one lung to save her from lung cancer.They then lost their house to a very serious and dangerous mould, which their home insurance wont cover. Their luck has been horrendous. For them and their three boys, two of whom have their own health problems.
They are stuck, they are running out of money to pay the rent for their new accommodation. They need to either fix their current house, which is now worthless due to the mould but still paying a mortgage on. Or find a new house to buy. Both options need money they don’t have.
Dorte’s work colleague have set up this fundraiser to help.
Their full story can be found here (see fundraiser link). Trust me when I say you won’t me nicer people than the Kelly’s of Vrå. And I want to help them. I hope you can too. Even if it’s just a Euro, I know Dorte and Dom would be forever grateful.

skatecity_glifberglykke_designboom01 skatecity_glifberglykke_designboom07 skatecity_glifberglykke_designboom06 skatecity_glifberglykke_designboom04 skatecity_glifberglykke_designboom03 skatecity_glifberglykke_designboom02
Danish architects Gilfberg+Lykke’s concept art and location shots of ‘skatecity’ – a 4500 sq metre facility currently under construction in Haderslev, Denmark. At the heart of the skatepark, which features all manner of rideable terrain from verts and half pipes to platforms, rails and open space, is streetdome – an igloo-like structure with more bowls, a basketball court and audience seating.

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Banning their staff flying Ryanair over safety concerns?


They’re just the largest electrical engineering company in Europe.


Siemens Boycott Ryanair: Fear For Safety Of Employees.
In recent months many negative stories about major security breach at
Ryanair will now have the German engineering giant Siemens to boycott
the airline.
In concrete terms, this means that none of the company’s 380,000
employees in 190 countries is allowed to use the airline if they are on a
business trip.
Siemens requires that it must be safe for our employees to fly with it
– therefore this boycott, says Communications Director Caroline
Rylander .
The decision to boycott comes from the the head office
in Germany, she says.
“It is primarily a decision taken by our employees’ safety in mind,
but we also want to send a signal to Ryanair to intervene so that we
can again rely on their safety,” said Rylander.
In recent months, Ryanair has received much bad press – among other
things, there have been reported cases of emergency landings because
aircraft did not have enough fuel – and recently a plane was ditched from
Ryanair in Billund Airport. [Translated from Danish]

Siemens Boykotter Ryanair: Frygter For Ansattes Sikkerhed (DR.dk)

UPDATE: from Ryanair’s press office:


Joint Spain/Ireland Statement On Overview of Ryanair Safety Standards in Spain

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