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The charming Brian Shaw, crowned world’s strongest man in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016, requires 12,000 calories a day to fuel his training regime.

Twelve thousand.

Let’s PREP!



Resistance is futile, in fairness.

BFdeTiger writes:

At The Cupcake Bloke Stall on Coppinger Row [Dublin. A nom nom novel approach to a New Year’s Resolution…

diet1It’s for your own for good.

It has been shown, and seemingly conclusively, that a flesh or greatly mixed diet promotes angularity in the face generally, while the nourishment obtained from a single article, commonly of a starchy nature, coarsens the features. Thus we have the potato lip, the oatmeal lip, the maize lip.”

‘The effect of diet and climate on the face’ The Strand Magazine, 1905.

At least we can have some onions and booze, right?


diet3Sugar it is so.

The Effects of Diet On The Face (WeirdUniverse)


German Unilever food brand Du darfst has launched an ad with Ogilvy featuring a new slogan which probably sounds lovely in German.

German Unilever food product unveils new slogan with Ogilvy: Fuck the Diet (The Drum)

(Hat tip: Miranda Wrights)