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A dragtacular political critique by Saint Hoax, who explainz:

After attending a drag show for the first time, I was struck by the richness of this glamour oriented culture. I took a minute to actually look at the faux queens and deconstruct their main components. The recipe for an iconic queen:
1- Flamboyant name
2- Fierce persona
3- Defining outfits
4- Personalized hairdo
5- A trademark feature
6- One hell of a PR team
I then realized that it takes that same exact effort to make a leader.

Above: Vladdy Pushin’ and Barricka O’Bisha, Kimmy Jungle, Hitleria Hysteria, Madame O’Sane, Georgia Buchette, Queen Abby and Ossie B’.

See all the gifs here.


A showcase of one of the delicate digital landscapes created by French graphic studio Cut And Cook, what sez:

…a major challenge in terms of digital technique. It required properly customized developing systems. Some 3D sequences featured more than 30,000,000 polygons. Time render has been optimized and reduced to the max (40,000 hours accumulated).